Warning: Dollar Spot Can Make You Cheap!

I LOVE seeing all the great
purchases that fellow blogging teachers
are finding in Target's dollar spot!

I had a little time to kill last week and decided
to see what goodies I could find.
I was thrilled to find some awesome stuff and I 
only spent $10!
{because I need to pace myself...still a few weeks left
before going back to work}

Aren't these reusable ice packs adorable!
I'm hoping to find a cheap mini fridge and
thought these would be good to keep in my room
for when we are busy and a student is complaining
that one of their limbs is "hurting". 
You know they are just wanting to leave the room
and "get out of" the current activity
but you feel guilty if you don't let them get an ice pack.
Perfect solution!

{by the way...there were lots of other pirate
stuff if you are planning anything pirate themed}

I'm hoping to make one of these I saw on The Inspired Apple.
Go there and see her cute idea and free printables
to go with it:)

So I picked up a few bags of Smarties!

Mini inkpad and alphabet stamps.
Thinking of this for workshop time
for students to stamp out vocabulary/spelling words.

These are mini white boards...just two rows of lines on each
one and they come 4 in a pack.
I'm not sure how many students I'm going to have
so I bought several.
Can't beat that for $1 per pack.
Overall, there were tons of stuff I could have
bought but I held back:)

I wish I would have snagged the plastic book
boxes I saw them putting out about a week ago...because
on this trip I didn't see any.
I thought about getting them the first time but when I 
saw they were $2.50 instead of only $1, I decided not too.
I thought, "wow, that's expensive for the dollar spot"!
I'm sure if I would have spotted them at this price in another
part of the store, I would have thought, "wow,
awesome! Great deal!"
That's because they are a great deal! 
Now I'm kicking
myself for not picking up even just a few:(
Oh, well...that's just my cheap side coming out
from getting spoiled from all my great $1 finds!



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