TeacherPRINTS {September)

The new set of TeacherPRINTS for September is making
me crave fall so much!
It is so stinkin' hot here in Kansas, as it is in most of the country,
and I'm just so ready for some cooler temps!
I LOVE summer, but now that school is under way, I can't help
but get excited for all those traditional fall activities just
waiting around the corner.
Apple pickin, pumpkin patch, fall leaves....I'm so ready!

When I think of September and early fall I think of harvest time and
of course...apples!
That was my inspiration for the September TeacherPRINTS.
I absolutely love how it turned out and I already have one of the
printables included framed outside my classroom!


You can get the September TeacherPRINTS in my TpT shop HERE!


TeacherPRINTS Sale {only $3.20!}

Happy weekend, y'all!

I hope your school year has gotton off to a great start
whether you are teaching or have little ones back in the classroom!

This month was the first edition of TeacherPRINTS and
I'm almost done with the September version.
{the colors and art are perfect for late summer/early autumn
and I can't wait to share it with you VERY soon!}
As this month is winding down, I thought I'd put the August TeacherPRINTS
on sale today and tomorrow only!

 The wonderful thing about TeacherPRINTS is that you can use it over and over
again...especially this one because it is so versatile. Besides a few printables
that actually say "August" on them, everything else like the thank you postcards
and notecards you can use whenever!
And the BTS signs and "Welcome to Your New Classroom" sign would
work for next year, too. Even if you change grade levels, there is a sign for you!
You can snag the August TeacherPRINTS for only $3.20 in my TpT shop
today and tomorrow!
Look for the September TeacherPRINTS this week!
Also, check out my first post in a new series on how
essentials oils are helping me go back-to-school HERE.


Back to School with Essential Oils {Part One}

I feel like the Back to School season for me is slowing
Last night was our Back to School night so it is nice having
that and Meet the Teacher night done.
Those night events can be so exhausting for a teacher
{plus the rest of the family} so I'm thrilled they are under my belt!
They both went extremely well with pretty good attendance, too.

I have the SWEETEST group of kiddos this year and we are already
having a blast and diving full force into our curriculum.
Lots of talkers, but that's to be expected at the beginning of first grade!

It didn't take long for some of my precious firsties to fall ill. :(
I don't know if I've ever had so many sick the first week!

Since I started using essential oils, I've been slowly trying
to research each oil I received in my Young Living premium starter kit.
 When I was reading about how the essential oil
blend Thieves can help support a healthy immune system,
I knew that this would be something that I would rely on
when heading back to work.

Lots of sweet kiddos = lots of germs! :)

So far, I've tried to diffuse a little Thieves every day at home.
I also started putting a drop under my tongue in the morning
after realizing there were bugs going around.
So far, I've been in the clear!

I've got a few other oils that I'm using to help get through
the Back to School season, so I'll share those with you soon!

If you have any questions about essential oils or are interested in
purchasing your own Young Living premium start kit, you can email me at

Disclaimer:  Our words are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health ailment.  Please do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.  We are not doctors and are only sharing what has worked with our families.  Results may differ for each person.  Thank you!


FanFaria Giveaway! {A Reading App}

Have you heard of this app yet?!?

My daughter and I have been using FarFaria this summer
and she loves it!
The app main page looks like a map and she is ALL about maps lately. :)
She enjoys listening to stories on the iPad and with
FarFaria, there are so many to choose from.
You can subscribe to FarFaria for as little as $4.99/month
and use in your classroom. It would be perfect for a listening
center...that's what I'm going to do!

I never really had an official "listening center" with a CD
player and headphones, but now that I have my own
iPad for my classroom, having a listening center
will be super easy with this app!

If you'd like a chance to win a free 3 month membership
to FanFaria, enter using the rafflecopter below!

Happy Reading!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


HUGE Back-to-School SALE!

I can't believe it's already time for the
annual TpT Back-to-School sale!

You can save up to 28% off of fabulous teacher-created resources!

I love that I can find quality, meaningful, and time-saving
products that make my life so much easier.
The amount of talent and creativity of all the
teachers on TpT still amazes me!

Get your shopping done right before you head
back to school so you'll be off to a great start!

Here are products from my TpT store I think you
should check out that are sure to help you get
your year started off fabulous!
My latest product...full of stylish things to keep you
organized and be prepared!
Thank you cards, notecards, beginning of the year
postcards for students, and much more!
{p.s. look for a new TeacherPRINTS each month}



Do you have a teacher planner yet?!? This is mine
and I love it because its functional, keeps me organized,
and pretty to look at!


This is hands down one of my favorite reading resources of
all time! And my students love it too.
You can use this with ANY READING SERIES or any book
and the kids are so engaged in using their reading strategies that
they ENJOY it! Light bulbs go on for sure! :)


I also have a bundle available...


 These monthly reading logs are perfect for the primary grades.
You can fill in how many minutes they should be reading...so easy to differeniate
for all levels. I just print these at the beginning of the year on colored copy paper, file away,
and they are ready at the beginning of each month.


My district uses DIBELS for reading and math progress
monitoring now...but I love to have my own stuff to use when
I want a quick check OR to practice with students {we gotta teach
them what we want them to do with these things!} and parents
love to be able to have something to take home for practice.
Seriously, if we are testing our kids using formats like this...a lot
of parents would like the chance to use something similar to practice with
at home. After having parents frustrated with not getting to actually get
DIBELS materials to practice with their kiddos at home, cause we can't
send those home, I made these to be able to give them something and most
are really grateful to get to leave a conference with something in their hand
they can do with their child.

These are just a few of the products I have in my TpT store.
Check out the rest HERE!
Don't forget to make your purchases for the sale is over.
The sale runs from 8/4-8/5.
I'm going to go fill my cart now so I don't forget and can
quickly check out tomorrow. :)
I go back to school this week {eek!}....anyone else starting school already!?