a linky party?

I had never heard the term "linky party" 
before in my life,
so I was anxious to see what it was all
about and if I could figure out how to
participate....so here goes:)

Mrs. Lamb is hosting one about
what I could not teach without, love that!

Ok, here's my list...

At the top, without question, is my SMART Airliner. I don't like
funtioning without it. I just love the mobility I get when
teaching a lesson and using the computer/projector.

I've never had electric pencil sharpeners in my room until
now and I think they might just change my life.
At least I hope they do, because kids trying unsuccessfully
to sharpen pencils might just be the one thing that
could drive me absolutely nuts!
Hopefully the two I purchased will be awesome:)

Especially the color ones.
Did you get yours this week at Walgreens for $3.99?!?!?!
{sorry, I know this isn't a money-saving blog but
I just can't stand not sharing a great deal}

Next, colored file folders.
I organize my files with each subject as a different color.
It really helps me find what I'm looking for fast when
they are all over my desk.
I also use these sometimes instead of pocket folders
when I don't necessarily need the pockets.
{i.e. for our math facts program, I staple their goal sheet on
one side and their sheet with a rocket on it
where they keep track of their level on the other side}

I'm not a big soda person.
I wasn't even a coffee drinker until
last school year.
My friend, Lizz, took me to Starbucks last winter
and told me which drinks were good so I tried one.
I ordered a tall white chocolate mocha.
It was VERY good.
So.......I don't drink coffee every day,
but I did find myself stopping for a cup a few mornings
a week towards the end of the school year, so I'll
add it to my list!
{who can resist their frappes in the summer? love them!}

Lastly, I couldn't teach without
Avery labels.
In all different sizes!
{especially the full sheet label...just used those
for a math game}
I use these to label tubs, student items, folders,
anything and everything:)

What can you not teach without???



  1. Mine would be the Smart Tablet (mine looks exactly like the pic), Sharpie's, Diet Dr. Pepper, EXPO markers that work, Vinegar & Baking Soda (and other lab stuff but I use these two the most) and Minella folders!

  2. My list would include colored folders,
    green flair pens, overhead projector,
    powerpoint, Coke Zero, and yes, sometimes
    a great mocha frappacino from Starbucks.

  3. I agree about the pencil sharpener and address labels! I forgot to put them on my blog- I guess I could go on and on!! I did put files on mine! LOVE FILES! I am following you!

    Fantastic 1st Grade