Discbound Binders are perfect for Teacher Planners!

Well, its been a minute or two since I've posted. That's just how it goes around here. In case any of you are preparing for next school year like me I wanted to share how I set up my teacher planner. I love my planner to be bright and colorful but also to have plenty of white space on my weekly lesson planning pages. I've just never been a black and white copy kind of person and if that's what you ink savers like I understand. But, I'll pay extra for color any day.

I've been designing my own teacher planner for several years now and one thing that has definitely stayed the same is that my love for discbound binders is still going strong. If you don't know what discbound means its just these little discs holding the paper in instead of 3 rings. It does require a special punch to make the right kind of holes to fit the discs. I bought my discbound hole punch from Staples when I bought my original binder. Together, it was a little investment but about the same price as and Erin Condren teacher planner, but I've been using them for about 4 or 5 years....so cost effective in the long run! (I also came across this punch that is slightly cheaper by The Happy Planner!)

I bought the blue Martha Stewart binder from Staples four or five years ago. They last a long time (well, for a binder that's a long time to me!) and the only reason I bought a new one this year is for photography purposes. My original one was still in pretty good shape but for close up photography I wanted a crisp new one. And, there was a period of time when Staples stopped selling Martha Stewart stuff but now it's back with the original blue discbound binder as well as my new bright coral one which I love!

If you are familiar with the Happy Planner those are also discbound and they have covers you can buy separately that are super cute if you want something different than the Martha Stewart ones (fyi...the discs for the Martha Stewart binders and The Happy Planner all fit interchangeably). I love the rose gold one in my picture at the beginning of this post and I know I'm going to have fun switching up the covers throughout the year since I own more than one now. I also love this red one below by The Happy Planner. You can get these at Michael's as well as a ton of fun accessories including stickers, notepads that fit in the discs, and clips!


One of the main reasons I prefer discbound binders is that you can fold it all the way over in half and it makes writing in it a breeze, as opposed to a three-ring binder where the rings are big and in the way. Another reason is because I want to have all my schedules, IEPs, student info, and any other important papers in the same organizer  that holds my lesson plans. You can't do that with a planner that you've bought that is already bound. I don't want to have my teacher planner and another binder of some sort to organize everything else. I just want one thing to keep track of and hold and the discbound does a great job of that I think.

 While we're talking about planners, I've also updated the teacher planners in my store and have three different versions available that I update every year for free. So once you purchase one of my planners you can download the file again every year and it will have the updated dates! Something new I changed this year was adding four different cover options for each planner. I don't know about you, but even in the course of a school year my taste can change or I might just want a different look, so these planners make it easy to change up the style a little without having to purchase an entirely different planner. (and I bet I'll be changing out my discbound covers too now that I own several!) Click on any of the pictures below to go to my store to check out the specific planners...also download the previews on TpT to see more!


Spring Printables + Free Print

Can you believe Spring is here already?!? Today it doesn't feel like spring but I'm pretending it does with my iced coffee by my side and these super sweet new printables I have for you! I just love making these every month. Seriously, if I wasn't a teacher I'd want to just design stuff all day long in my pajamas. Maybe someday. Anyway, I love having my TeacherPRINTS already printed up so I can just grab a quick card for a coworker or student. 

My wheels are turning on how to store them all effectively because I have a monthly edition of TeacherPRINTS made so far for August-April that I have so many cute things! I'll get back with you all hopefully soon on some storage ideas for all the notecards. And the monthly prints too because we should be saving those for next year instead of printing them again!

One of my FAVORITE things about TeacherPRINTS is that they are seasonal (so great holiday/seasonal decor for your classroom OR home) but also so many of the printables each month could be used WHENEVER. You don't have to use them only in that month. Look at some of the stuff from past months that work for anytime...

I had so much fun creating the printables for April and I even have a special freebie for you so make sure you scroll all the way down to the end to grab it!

Click the picture below for a free print from the April TeacherPRINTS. Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!


Teacher PRINTS---A New Look!

A couple of years ago I made a few sets {an August one and September version} of teacher printables that included fun notes to give students, thank you notes, decor posters for the classroom, and several organizational printables. While I had planned on continuing the product for each month, life happened and I wasn't able to continue making them at that time.

This summer, I've been able to tap into my creative side again and have redesigned the August and September Teacher PRINTS that I had made before. One of the main reasons I started making these printables a few years ago was to help keep me accountable for sending encouraging notes home on a regular basis. I also love having printable quotes and motivational posters to hang around my room. I plan on changing them out each month to match my mood or the season!

You can now get these new designs in my TpT shop and I wanted to give you a little preview! If you already purchased these items, you can redownload it to get the updated version under "My Purchases" on TpT. 

AND....I'm so excited to offer a growing bundle of TeacherPRINTS for the whole year! Yep, I will be designing a new set for each month. Read more about the BUNDLE below!!!

I used a corner punch to round the edges on the notecards.

I like having blank checklists on a clipboard ready to go.

Fun printables to hang on your classroom door or right outside your classroom! All printables that are grade specific come in K-6 versions.

Going to print this poster size {ever notice that option on your print settings?! It prints it larger {using multiple pages} and I'm going to use transparent tape to put the pages together and laminate.

Probably going to print this one poster size too for my classroom!

So, what do you think?!? I just love how both of these products turned out and I'm already working on the October version, now!

I am also offering a Teacher PRINTS BUNDLE at a significant discount! If you purchase before my October pack is added to the bundle {around 9/15/16}, you get 12 months of Teacher PRINTS for $25. That's like paying for 5 months and getting 7 free....so that's a sweet deal! After each month is added to the growing bundle...the price will increase so take advantage now!

Also, when you buy the Teacher PRINTS BUNDLE you will get exclusive freebies throughout the year that will not be for individual sale. Right now, the bundle includes the August and September Teacher PRINTS......AND and an exclusive OLYMPICS freebie!

I truly hope that you'll love Teacher PRINTS as much as I do and that it will be something fun and useful for you this year! :)

If you want to check out all of my Teacher PRINTS resources click HERE.


One Great Summer

I only have a few days left of summer and its so hard to believe that its coming to an end already! Our girls are seven and two and this was truly a fun and relaxing summer. Compared to the last few of having an infant and then one year old....this summer was amazing! Sure we still had nap time to get home in time for but nap time is when I get stuff done creatively, read, or watch Netflix so I don't mind being home to do that! 

We were at the pool SO much more than last year and its fun to get to just hang out and have a good time...as opposed to having an infant at the pool and an older child who wants to stay longer than the infant will allow. So, I thought I'd share some pictures from our adventures this summer to catch you up...and so I can look back later and remember them!


New School Year, New Planners

I can't believe I'm only a little over a week away from heading back to school! This summer has been so relaxing and fun and I'd love to catch y'all up with what I've been up to so I'll definitely do that soon. Today though, I wanted to share with you my new teacher planner designs!

The layout is pretty similar to my previous versions and I'm especially loving my bright and colorful striped one...which is what I printed for myself to use this school year. You can see pictures of my planner below as well as check out the other designs!

Something else that is different with the new designs is that I will be updating them each year...for FREE! So once you purchase you can download them again each school year with the new dates and calendars. :)

I also have these versions below available in the same format just different color schemes!

If you want to check out any of these planners they are available in my shop HERE! And even better they will be 20% off through this weekend so pick one up now!