Latest Beauty Favs

Do you ever watch makeup tutorials on youtube? A couple times a year I'll get in the mood to freshen up my makeup routine or see what new products are popular and I'll get hooked watching videos online for a few hours. I find I only ever have time to do this over a long break from school and usually during the winter. So over winter break last month I got the itch to try a few new products after I received a gift card to Sephora for Christmas.


Essential Oils: December ER Order

Here's a quick video I made to share what I purchased last month on my Young Living Essential Rewards order. I signed up for essential rewards over a year ago and each month I earn reward points back that I can use just like cash to purchase other products. A few months after I ordered my starter kit, I realized Young Living had so many different products I wanted to try AND I would be reordering some of the oils I had started using a lot {like lavender and lemon} quite frequently so it just made sense to order through Essential Rewards to earn FREE product! I hope to keep up with making a video each month to share everything I order. I LOVE getting to peek inside other people's orders to see what they love and are using. If you have any questions about essential oils or the video feel free to email me or comment below. Thanks for watching!

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Get Organized: Printable Calendars

I'm excited to share these printable calendars you can use to start off twenty-sixteen prepared (even though its already the 10th!) and organized. I changed the look of this black and white calendar just a smidge but overall it looks pretty much the same! There is a landscape and a portrait version so just choose what works best for you and your notebook/binder setup or purpose for the calendar (meal planning, activity schedules, etc.)

I prefer the landscape version even though I put it in my 8.5 x 11" notebook. I just prefer the date boxes to be more square than rectangular so I don't mind turning my notebook to the side when I'm writing on it. I use a disc-bound notebook (find these here) so I can fold the entire notebook in half which makes it easy to write on without my fist/arm bumping into typical binder rings.

I also keep a copy of this calendar when scheduling my long-range plans for my classroom. I like to have a master copy that I can refer back to during the year to see when I taught different units/concepts.

Another copy hangs on my fridge for meal-planning like in the picture. I don't always plan out our meals like this every month, but its something I try to do as much as possible.

You can use these printable calendars so many different ways which is why I update them every year because I use them so much. Check out my these calendars in my Etsy shop HERE!