I'm giving it away...

I completely forgot that I wanted to 
give away my new Poster Pack to a few
of my readers!
Normally, I'll do that when I first post
about a new product...but I forgot, whoops!

So...I'm going to give the pack away for free
to 5 lucky followers to celebrate my new
facebook page!

All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and
go "like" my new facebook
page by clicking on my new Facebook button at the
top of my blog.
It'll take you right to the page. :)

Then, come back and leave me a comment
that you are now following my facebook page.
Don't forget to leave your name and email. :)
That's it!
I'll use the random number generator on Friday
morning to choose 5 winners of the Poster Pack,
so check my facebook page and blog to see
if you are a lucky recipient!

By the way...here is the AWESOME tutorial
I used to create my new social media buttons
at the top of the sidebar.
Just in case you want cute buttons, too!

Have a great night! :)


Poster pack finished...and ? about sight words!

Hey guys!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

I finished these posters I was working on for my new classroom.
I love the background design and colors and felt
it was pretty universal and others might want them so
I've added them to my TpT shop here
and TN store here.
Here's a preview....

 The pack includes posters for these 2D shapes:
circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, oval, half circle.

Number word posters of 1-10 with the cute little
number monster graphics!

Number word posters for 11-19,
then 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.


Color words posters inlcuding red, blue, green, yellow,
purple, orange, black, brown, white & gray.

Black and white copies of EVERY poster are
included if you want to copy on colored paper,
instead of using color ink!

I'm also thinking of making them match
popular classroom themes if anyone would be
interested in that.
I've been sooooo inspired with all the classroom
decor everyone has been creating!
So if you'd like to see these posters created
with a background to match a different theme,
leave a comment or email me!!!
{maybe polka dot, pirates, ocean, etc...}

Ok, so on to my question about sight words!
Basically, how do you guys incorporate/practice
sight words in your classroom???
This has been one of many things on my mind
since I found out I got the 1st grade job.

When I did my student teaching, my cooperating teacher
had the kids practicing with sight words flashcards
during transitions which I thought was brilliant!
She had made her own cards, and would pass out
3 or 4 to each student before lining up.
When they had read them quietly to themselves,
they would hold them up in the air signalling
they were ready to read them to her.
She'd walk around the room and listen and collect
their cards. Once each kiddo read theirs, they headed
to line.
Of course, they were waiting in line perfectly almost
all of the time because she was amazing at establishing
routines and procedures from the start. :)
This may sound like it took too long,
but really it was very quick because the kids knew exactly
what to do.
 {i learned so much from her!}
I also read about Abby's poetry journals here.
Most of the poems she uses are from this book.
 I've always wanted to incorporate poetry journals
in my classroom, so I'm giving her routine a try next year!
I've already been copying the poems onto chart
paper....trying to get a head start.
If that's even possible!
So please share your ideas with me on whatever it is you
do with sight words!
REALLY appreciate your advice!



blog tutorials

Hey guys!

I wanted to share a few tutorials
that helped me a ton with my new blog design.
{thanks for all your sweet comments!}

So, you all know Kevin & Amanda, right?
Of course you do!
They have all those amazing and FREE fonts!
I came across a blog post they had a while back
for a tutorial on how to design your own blog layout.
 {click on the pic to go to the tutorial}

They show you how to create a background in
photoshop and then install it.
It's really good.
Although, I have to read each step of the directions
a million times to get it right, but that's just me!

I had always wondered how bloggers got their
fancy nav bars at the top.
You can create different "pages" for your blog and with
blogger template designer, you can have a basic looking
nav bar.
I wanted something prettier and I came across this video.
It was soooooo easy!
Once you figure out what pages you want for your blog,
what clipart you want to use, etc...
But, you do need a photo editing program and have
to create your nav bar first, then they show you
how to install it.
They have several other videos that look interesting

{click pic to watch} 

 I hope these help you create/update your blog look!


new look!

Hey friends!

How do you like my new blog look?!
I'm still tweaking things and some parts are unfinished.
I'm not quite sure about the background.
I love the alphabet design, but not sure if the colors
are quite right. What do y'all think???
Since I'm switching grade levels,
I thought a new name was a must.
I've loved "Spend a Day in Second Grade"
but I thought I'd change to something universal
so if there are any more changes in the future {hopefully not anytime soon!},
 I wouldn't have to change names again.
Soooooo... I decided on Mrs. Prince & co.
{after I came up with the name I realized its kinda
like that new show, Mrs. Eastwood & Co. Anybody watch that?
My sister says its good!}
Even though things are a little "under construction"
around here I thought I would go ahead and post
about what I've been up to...
1. Packing.
I've slowly started to pack up my old room.
I think I can get in to my new building this summer,
but since I'm not sure which room is mine yet
I can't really go and unload anything yet.
And I'm definitely not taking it all to my
2. Our church had their VBS last week, only
they call it M.A.D. camp.
Music, Arts, and Drama.
I loved it.
I helped with the 1st graders and had a blast.
The theme was iCreate and how everyone is
an artist in some way.
The projects were so different and creative.
It was definitely the best "VBS" I've ever been a part of.
To make it even better, our Sunday sermon series
has been the same theme and its been pretty
3. Hanging out with my little girl! :)
4. Making over this blog.
The last time I changed a few things...colors, background, I was
ready to bash in my computer.
This time has been WAY smoother and you can learn
how to do just about anything you want to know
about blog design from YouTube.
Thank goodness!!!
5. Making new teaching goodies!
Since I'm moving to first, I've realized when packing up 
my stuff that there are some things I don't have that I'll
want up in my classroom.
I'm currenlty working on a poster pack of number words, 2-D shapes,
and more that will go with my color scheme.
 Here's a preview...

 Last summer I purchased several of the "Dots on Turquoise"
products and will keep that color scheme in my new classroom.
I just love these colors and especially paisleys!

Hopefully I'll be back posting later this week!



Just wanted to share a little news with you guys today...
that I'm going to be teaching first grade next year!
I'm moving to a new school, but its 2 min.
from my house and where my daughter will go 
in a few years.
I already know a few people that work at my new
school so that is fun!

I'm also excited to be in a classroom with a door,
{yes, I've had no door to shut when things get ca-razy in the hallway. over it.}
and walls that go all the way to the ceiling!
I've been teaching in an open concept building
for the last 6 years...and I gotta say I'm finally
sick of the noise!
{anyone else been in an open concept building???}

It's bittersweet for me to leave the very first
school I taught at...and also to leave some
special friends, but I know this was the
right decision for me.
I stayed in bed this morning for a while discovering
more 1st grade blogs!
My creative wheels are turning as I think
about creating a brand new classroom.
I don't know HOW I even missed Erica Bohrer's blog til now.
I must've been on a completely different planet!
I'm sure I stumbled onto it before, but wasn't a follower,
and I have NO idea why!
I think I've read every post this morning that she's
written in the last year and a half.
That girl is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I'm going to TRY to do something productive but
blogs and pinterest keep calling my name...

Have a great weekend!!!



something I forgot to share... :)

I've been trying to organize my digital files
on my computer, jump drives, etc...
Basically I have files all over the place!
It will be nice to one day have them all organzied in 
one spot in folders, but I have a feeling its going
to take a while!

Here's a game that I  realized I forgot to share when I was posting
about 3D shapes a few months ago.

 You can grab it at my TpT store here,
My TN store isn't actually "new" but I've been
taking forever to actually load my products and use it.

I figured some people may prefer to shop there
for whatever reason, so most of my products
are available there now as well.
If you'd like to go add my new TN store
to your favorite shops and leave me a comment,
I'll pick 5 people to get
Shape Race for FREE!
{don't forget to leave your email}
Also, those of you who have facebook pages for your
blog or stores...what do you like about having one?
I've been considering making one,
but didn't know if it would be just something else
to try and keep up with.
I feel like there might be some benefits to having one
that I haven't thought of so I'm just curious.
Thanks for any advice!




I'm so excited to have more time to keep up
with my blogging, cause I'm waaaaaaay behind!

Here's what I was up to last month...

We finished up our American symbols unit. Our projects
really brightened up our room the last few weeks of school!

Our Chocolate Day party was combined with a pajama party
{they earned as a class reward}!
We finished the novel Chocolate Fever so we enjoyed
chocolate treats and the movie on one of our last days

 Celebrated mother's day by having brunch with my girl!
{hubby too}


My husband also graduated from college! Woohoo!
He's the first in his family to earn a 4-year degree.
He decided a few years ago to go back to school to finish
his undergraduate and I couldn't be more proud of him! :)

First pool day of the summer!

Discovered an awesome new lake/park close to our house!

Trying to take pics of ourselves at the park. :)

And the last one was taken yesterday just because!
I mean, how cool are these hillbilly wine glassess!?!?

I really can't wait to catch up with all of you and your blogs!
I know I have a lot of reading to do. :)

Right now I'm off to prepare for my girl's first day of preschool tomorrow.
I don't really know what I mean when I say "prepare" cause there's
not a whole lot to do!
We've got the backpack and water bottle
and that's all they really told us she needed.
I'm so excited for her because she is so ready to be in a school
environment {she's been in an awesome home daycare so far}
but she's going through a phase where she cries and doesn't want
us to leave her. 
She's NEVER done that....ever.
Even when she was little.
It started the last two weeks of school when I would drop her off
at daycare, the children's place at the gym, sunday school, etc...
Hopefully, its a short phase and I won't regret starting her in
preschool over the summer.
She's just going two mornings a week and then will be full-time
when school starts.
If anyone has any preschool advice let me know!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

{and if your summer break hasn't started yet...I'll say a little prayer
for you to get through the last few days!}