Just thought I'd share some of my recent favorite pins,
because let's be real...I've been on pinterest a lot lately!

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 I feel like all I've been doing lately is painting! But, I love this door and I really want
to choose a similar color for my front door. Now...will I get it done before
school starts? That is the question!
I really want striped curtains for my bedroom and would love to get
our garage organized too.

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 It's no secret around here...I love to shop and style outfits.
However, that doesn't mean I always look pin-worthy, ha!
I definitely know how to live in flip flops and tee's.
I get most of my outfit ideas for work from pinterest and these are my
latest faves. I could live in dresses with denim jackets.
And I'm loving the camo/green with chartreuse combo.

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I love scrambled eggs and avocado. Two of my favorite things.
But, I've never tried them together...just might have to now!
Loving the monster cookies, too...will have to make this into an
afternoon baking activity.
I've been needing a better way to organize our weekly meals, shopping list, etc...
so it was perfect when my sister made this super stylish menu plan.
You can go download it for FREE on her blog by clicking the pic below!

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 School is definitely on my mind lately and my mental to-do
list before I go back is getting longer and longer.
I'm thinking of organzing my pens, pencils, highlighetrs like this on 
my desk this year.
I love the hand signals for silent communcation and the
white board organization.

Come back next week for more of my favorite pins!


Throwback Thursday: How I Teach Regrouping

One of my favorite math concepts to teach has
always been regrouping!
I just love the methods, games,  and ideas I have learned
over the years on how to teach regrouping {which can be such a tough concept}
and enjoy watching my students really "get" it!

A few years ago, when I taught second grade, I put together
a regrouping packet and I just finished updating the look and fonts this week.
The activities are still the same, but they just look a little fresher. :)

 One of my most popular posts has been one called The Trading Game.
This game is probably one of the BEST things you could have
your students play before they learn to regroup.
Before you even mention the word REGROUP, 
please teach this simple and fun game to your students!!!
Trust me!!!
 It makes learning regrouping a lot easier
because they understand the "trading" part of it all.
So my throwback for today is my original post on The Trading Game and
I hope if you do teach regrouping to your students,
that this will be useful for you!
If you need more ideas on teaching regrouping, check out
my unit in my TpT shop here!
Which happens to be on sale along with everything else in my shop
today through Saturday! 

Originally posted on September 3, 2011

A Trading Game

I thought I'd share with you one of my FAVORITE
math games to have my students
play at the beginning of the year.

This game is very simple, but does
a whole lot to prepare them for regrouping or
"borrowing", which can be a huge
challenge for some kiddos.

I learned this game at a workshop a few years
ago and I've had my students play it ever since.
They absolutely LOVE it and
I LOVE it because it is sooooo meaningful.

I'm sure this game is not anything new and it may have different names that it 
goes by out in bloggy world.
The presenter I heard about it from called the
game "3 Town" or "5 Town" depending
on the way you decide to have your kiddos play.

Since the game is focusing on "trading",
you can tell the kids that this game is all
about a land where "3" is the number for 
You really play it up.
I use examples like, "Everyone is '3 Town' eats
3 meals a day, have 3 kids, 3 pets, 3 cars, 3 houses, etc.."
They think its quite fun and like to come up with their own
examples too!

 Here are the supplies you will need:
Gameboards- When I moved to second a few years ago, I found a handful of these in a closet.
When I attended the workshop, I realized what they were. I had to make the rest which was not difficult at all. Just construction paper, ruler, glue, sharpie, and then laminated.

Colored poker chips- I bought a bag of 1000 from Teacher Direct a few years ago.
The colors are yellow, green, blue, red. You could use any colors as long as they
match the boards you use.


Chip holders- I really like using these chip/dip trays I found in Target's dollar spot to keep the chips organized.


  • I like to put 4 kids in a group so 1 will be the "banker" (in charge of the chips) and the other 3 will be playing and each need a gameboard. 
  • The "banker" (I choose the banker for each group) is the only person allowed to touch the chip tray and take chips in and out.
  •  1 player rolls the dice. They ask the banker for that many YELLOW chips.
  • Since the game is "3 Town", every time a player gets 3 YELLOW chips they can trade in for the next color, so on my gameboards that is BLUE.

  • If they can trade in their chips, they need to do it before the end of their turn, or before they pass the dice to the next player. 
Example: Player rolls a '5'. Player says to the banker, "Can I please have 5 YELLOW chips?"
(We practice our please and thank you's a lot during this game!)
The "banker" then gives them 5 YELLOW and the player puts them on their gameboard in the YELLOW column.
The player will then take 3 of the newly acquired chips and ask the banker, "Can I please trade these 3 YELLOW in for 1 BLUE?"
The "banker" takes the chips and gives the player 1 BLUE, who then places it on their gameboard.
If the player decides they can not trade in anything else, they pass the dice on to the next player.

  • Every time they roll they get YELLOW chips. That is always the "starting point" on their gamboard and they have to trade in to get the next color.  Some will forget and think they should get BLUE chips on their 2nd turn, but usually other players will remind them. ;)

  • When a player gets 3 BLUE, they can trade in for 1 GREEN.

  • If they get 3 GREEN, they can trade in for 1 RED. The first player to get 1 RED chip is the winner!
I told you it was simple:)
But, seriously, the kids get addicted to this game.

So, the 2nd or 3rd time we play, I'll switch it up and we will play
"5 Town" and so then they must get 5 YELLOW chips to be able
to trade for 1 BLUE, etc...

  • Model, model, model. The first day I introduce the game, students are watching me play and I usually have 1 or 2 other kids "play" with me as we go through an entire game for everyone to watch.
  • I am picky about the "banker" handing the chips to the player. Sometimes, they want to just put it on the player's board for them. We talk about how each player needs to be in charge of their board and its their job to PAY ATTENTION and realize when they can make a trade! Some kiddos like to run everyone's board so we talk about this a lot.
  • During a player's turn, they can make as many trades as they need too, but they only roll 1 time each turn. If they pass the dice and the next player starts to roll, they can't make a trade until their next turn.
  • If a group finishes, they can start over and the winner will become then new "banker".
When we start regrouping in early October,
it's great to be able to use phrases like "Now we're going to trade in 10 ones for 1 ten"
with the kids and they know exactly what that means
because they've been playing the trading game!


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Are you in love with Instagram as much as me?!?!
Here are some of my favorite Instagrams from June...
 {and my lazy way of giving you a recap of the month!}

Do you have a HomeGoods by you? I absolutely love that store!
Such good deals can be found there!
I fell in love with these pillows for my living room and there are more
underneath these in my cart you can't see that I snagged for my bedroom.
You can't beat $15 pillows!

 We are currently updating our deck and I picked up these outdoor lights from Target
the other day and quickly threw them up there.
I need to go back and get another strand to make them go all the way around!

 Oh, the joys of playing games with a 4 year old.
We are making progress in that fact that she didn't quit in the middle
of the game when she wasn't "beating me".
So many lifeskills can be aaddressed when playing Candy Land. Who knew?!

While the hubs is powerwashing the deck, replacing boards, and will be repainting it,
I've been painting our kitchen cabinets.
WHAT a time-consuming project, but I'm a little more than halfway done and I 
know I'm going to be happy with the outcome.
I've been wanting white cabinets for years!
I took this picture of my sister when we first started....back when I was sooooo naive thinking
we'd get the bulk of the work done in two days.

 This pool was awesome! We spent a week at Tablerock lake in Missouri with my
family and this was the pool for the cabins we stayed at.
Complete with a waterslide!
We had the pool all to ourselves our last night there so Lainey was digging it!

Another pic from our lake trip. {which I'll post about later}
This was at a great pizza place in Eureka Springs, MO.
Don't you just love my sister's shirt?!?!
She got it at Madewell, but a few months ago so I couldn't
find it online to link up here. :(

All of these Instagrams are from my personal account
where you can find me @leanneprince

I do have an account for this blog {@mrsprinceandco}
.........but I don't use it very much
because I just don't like the back and forth of signing into one
account and then the other!
So, I may use it more once the school year starts, but probably not.
I won't delete it for now!
Come follow me...........