Measurement Unit has been UPDATED!

We are in full swing of all things measurement in math right
now, and I wanted to update the activites I made last year.


I've added anchor charts for 1 meter and 1 centimeter as well as
a new Measuring with Cubes activity.

 Most of the fonts and some of the graphics have been updated
as well. 
Talk about a spring cleaning! I think this unit
looks a little more refreshed. :)


If you already own it, go download it again through TpT for free!

You can purchase this unit HERE in my TpT store.


Visual Plans and Sticky Note Reading Strategies!

Hey there!

I'm so happy to share a new product with you guys today!
I've had a picture of this product in my head for months
and could not wait to get the opportunity to sit down
and make my idea come to life.

Basically, I knew that I loved to use colorful sticky notes to teach
with and that my students also loved using them!
I was picturing printables to use to teach reading comprehension strategies.
I wanted my students to have a place to put the sticky notes,
and then not to be done with them, but extend the use of the strategy
a little more.
For example, I pictured my students writing a connection to the story
on a sticky note while reading {or after} and placing it in their book
until we were done reading.
Then, when we would be finished reading, they would have a printable
to put their sticky note on, fill out some basic info {title, author}
and then draw a picture about their connection.
I wanted something practical, meaningful, and easy to use with 
any story.
Here's what I came up with....

This product has been so much fun to use with my first graders
and is everything I hoped it would be!
I love that students get to take these home and share with their family, and the sticky
note makes sense to the parents since they know what they are writing about!

Here are a few of my examples that I made when modeling how to use the printables...

You can check out my Sticky Note Reading Strategies
pack in my TpT store here.
I think it would be perfect for 1st-3rd/4th!

AND, now on to my plans for the week...

{Click on the picture on the right to download through google docs and click on the links} 

The cute chick craft was made by Julie, my student teacher.
Isn't is cute?!?
She only has two more weeks left in my classroom and I'm
going to miss her so much!

If you'd like to use my visual plans template to start making your own,
this editable ppt file is included in my Teacher Planner for sale in my
TpT shop.
It also includes a printable version for the rest of this school year AND a complete
full printable planner for next year {2013-14}.

All the dates are already filled in for the printable planner and the
editable file has all the essentials and a weekly lesson plan template that you
can use to type your lesson plans, email them, or make visual plans.
You can grab the planner here!

I'm linking up with Deedee, you should too. :)


Five for Friday!

Hey friends!

 I'm joining Kacey over at Doodle Bugs in her weekly
link-up of the top 5 things from my week.
I know I'm a tad late, as its now Saturday, but I didn't have time
to share yesterday because I was getting ready for....
1. Date night! We had a blast with another couple getting dinner
and laughing the night away. :)
 2. Gotta love field trips! And kids that are SOOOOO much more
brave than I... 

3. These orange jeans just make me smile. 
Really, any colored jeans make me smile. 
I might have an addiction to color jeans, but it's sort of under control now. ;)
We had an MS awareness week at our school and 
everyone wore orange one day to support the cause!

4. We are wrapping up our unit on plants and our seeds are growing!
This was taken about a week ago so now a lot of them have grown
leaves. I made a little mini-unit with some plant activities that I hope
to be ready to share tomorrow!

5. We started researching animals this week and writing our All About books
courtesy of Susan Moran! We barely got started but I'm already loving
her tips and methods for guiding young kiddos through writing nonfiction!
Check out her unit here.

Go link up to share your top 5 from this week here!



Visual Plans...

Here's my second attempt at making visual plans!
For some reason, my fonts went all weird when I uploaded
it to my google drive, but I think it gets the job done anyway. :)

centers this week during reading workshop and math workshop
while I work with my small groups.
Check it out here in my TpT store and download the preview to get
a better look. Or read my blog post about it here.

I can't wait to share with you my new plant observation journal
pack that includes other plant resources as well!
I'll be back sometime this week to share all about it.

And finally, here's a picture of my baby who turned 4 last week!
Not a baby anymore! :)


Spring Baseball Crafts!

Hey there!
I quickly showed you my new spring centers with a baseball theme
a few days ago.
I'm stopping in again {briefly!}
to share MORE baseball themed stuff!
This week, I'm doing the activities from my new
Baseball Crafts! pack from my TpT store.

I'm not gonna lie...I'm totally digging this baseball theme this week!
This would be a great addition to all the other springy things
you have, and not to mention, the boys in your class will LOVE it!

You can get this pack in my TpT store here.
Here's another look at my baseball literacy and math centers...in case you
need some!
Click on any of the pics to check them out.

Have a wonderful night! :)