TeacherPRINTS {August}

I'm so excited to share my latest project with you all!
Everything takes a lot longer for me to finish with a baby around, 
so this has been a long time coming.
You know how much I love to create printables, especially ones that are pretty to look at!
Well, I've made a set of August printables for my teacher friends that are
stylish, useful, and fun!

I got my inspiration for this product from a few places.
One of my goals for this next school year is to be more proactive when it comes
to parent communication and to also be intentional in sending home positive notes
to ALL parents. I wanted to create my own little notes to send
home that were fun and easy to print to have ready to go.
So, I knew I would be creating some sort of product where notes/postcards
to students/parents would be included.

Another source of inspiration came from the blog Jones Design Co.
I seriously love this blog so much! She is such a fabulous graphic
designer and her monthly printables are so stylish and pretty.
She creates monthly printables for personal and home organization.
After months of drooling over her designs, it dawned
on me that I should create monthly printables for teachers!
And so, TeacherPRINTS was thought of and created and here
is the first set just in time for back-to-school. :)


Each month I'll create the same basic printables, but with a different
theme and design elements. Sometimes the theme may be seasonal or maybe just a certain
color scheme. I love having fun new printables to use and look at so changing
some up each month is right up my ally!
There will be the same basic printables included each month like a calendar, week
at a glance, notecards, thank you cards, etc.
I'll also include some printables that apply to that month or season or just
things a teacher might need that month.
For example, October might include printables for fall conferences and
Halloween printables.
I really can't wait to get started on TeacherPRINTS for the next few
months with all the Fall activities and events!

Here are a few looks of the August printables.
I chose basic colors for a traditional back-to-school look with
the oh so popular watercolor theme. :)

 I had to include thank you cards this month for all those first day of school
gifts and flowers. I love that I'll have these tucked away in my desk and ready
to fill out right away to show my appreciation!

 I also made postcards to send to my students before school starts...to get
a head start on those positive notes! 

And some fun posters to hang or frame to decorate your classroom!

Here is a complete list of what is included this month:

*August 2014 calendar
*Weekly planning page
*Blank checklist
*8 different 4x5" note cards
*6 8.5x11" notes/stationary pages
*Thank you cards/postcards
*You'll Rock K-6 postcards
*You'll Love K-6 postcards
*Welcome to Your New Classroom printable
*Welcome printable K-6

You can check out the August TeacherPRINTS in my TpT shop HERE!

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{mini} Interactive Math Books

A few of my best-selling products have been My 3-D Shapes Book
and My Money Book. I can only assume this is because
these are popular teaching topics, they are easy to prepare/make,
and kids love making little books!

I made a few more that follow the same format as the ones I mentioned above, 
and bundled them into one product called Mini Interactive Math Books!


My students love making these and they are a great introduction
or review of math vocabulary/skills.

I use these in small groups with my students who need guidance
and also in math centers/rotations for those that are more independent.

Each book, except My Numbers Book, gives students the opportunity
to use the math words in a sentence so they can apply their knowledge.
When working with my below level students, I use a sentence stem
to support them. My on or above grade level students do this part
just fine on their own. 
I just require them to use it in a sentence that does not restate
the definition. :)
Here are some sample pages from a few of the books...

A few pages from My Numbers Book...
 Instructions on the quick and easy assembling of these
books are included!

You can get Mini Interactive Math Books in my TpT shop for 20% off  
After tomorrow it will go back to normal price. :)