Daily Oil Routine

1  //  I drink Ningxia Red errday y'all. Why? Because it's amazing. A drink made from the wolfberry...the ultimate superfruit! Its great for overall wellness support as well as energy.

2  //  A couple drops of lemon oil in my water to start the day. I try to drink a glass of water before I get my coffee. Just a little personal rule that makes me feel responsible. Ha.

3  //  I put Stress Away on daily because I love the smell. I put it on my wrists and my neck.

4  //  Diffusing Thieves and Lemon is a daily combo in our house. Usually in the AM since we are home for the summer.

5  //  At some point during the day, usually afternoon, I love to put a drop of Grapefruit in my water. So so good.

6  //  We usually run the diffuser a couple of times a day. Citrus oils are our favorite go to oils in the afternoon to perk us up!

7  //  The Kidscents oil collection is used on a daily basis. We use Bite Buster and Owie the most but love them all.

8  //  Summertime means a whole lotta bug spray. We make our own with Peppermint, Thieves, and Purification along with witch hazel and distilled water. Smells amazing!

9  //  I have a roller with diluted thieves for putting on our feet before bed to assist our immune system.

10 //  This blend of Frankincense and Helichrysum is another way I support my eye health. I have it in a roller ball bottle to easy roll on before bed along my eye bone. While being very careful to not actually get any in my eye. That's a no no.

11  //  For my youngest, I usually diffuse Lavender or White Angelica in her room to promote a good night's rest!

This is an overview of my daily oil routine. I use other oils depending on what my or my family's needs are for that particular day. Do you use essential oils? What is an oil you can't live without???


Life Lately

We spent a week at the lake with family and had a blast. The weather was a bit on the crummy side but didn't ruin it. The place where we stayed has an amazing pool with a water slide so that's always a good time. It's the same place we stayed at two summers ago so it was fun to go back. And between all of us we had 3 more babies than last time...

We also went back to a place called Dogwood Canyon and its so pretty to look at all the ponds and waterfalls throughout the park. Lainey is looking so grown up these days.

We are a few solid weeks into summer and we visit the library at least once a week and sometimes pop into Barnes and Noble, too. Lainey participated in B&N summer reading program and as we picked up her free book the other day she said, "Mom!! Aren't books so fun!?" I'm sure you can imagine just how happy that makes my teacher and mommy heart. :)

Picked up this brand new magazine while we were there all about essential oils! It is filled with great articles especially some basics on EO.

I'm reading books like a mad woman this summer because I've missed so many good ones in the last few years. I'm slowly finding a little more free time here and there and its glorious to be in the habit of reading for enjoyment again. I posted some recent reads here and I've already read a few more that I'll share about next month.

I'm working on a post where I go through my daily routine with essential oils so if you are curious about that I hope to have it done this week sometime.

These two are having a blast together this summer. I'm surprised how much they actually play together already. They are definitely a fun pair to watch and I'm so glad they have each other!


What I've Been Reading

I have always been a lover of books since I was little. I distinctly remember spending my allowance on books. Mainly the babysitter club books and the boxcar children. LOL. I have a few boxes in my basement of a bunch of chapter books from my childhood that are just waiting for my girls. Love it. Over the last few months I've been able to squeeze in a little bit of time here and there to do some reading. Reading hasn't been something I have been able to devote much time to since having kiddos, but I'm trying to work it back in because it is so good for the mind and soul. I love that feeling when your midway through a really good book and I just can't wait to read a little bit more.

This is a memoir and it was so good! It's funny, sweet, and uplifting and I love reading real stories about real families. The author is a blogger and has a few other books out that I can't wait to get.

Y'all know I'm a first grade teacher and mama so many of the books I read are children's books. Over spring break, Lainey and I spent over an hour in the children's section of barnes and noble and we stumbled upon this book. We both had misty eyes at the end because I think it just hit home for both of us. The message of the story is to not be afraid to follow your dreams and not to listen to people who tell you your idea isn't good enough. As soon as we finished it, I knew right away I was going to buy it. I read it to my students as soon as I got back to school!

I've been wanting to read this book for A LONG TIME. Because Ron Clark is awesome and the title is just amazing. I knew I would love it solely based on the title. To be honest, I've had more than a few afternoons where it felt like my math lesson was dragging oonnnnnnnnn, the kids were struggling to stay awake after lunch, and we must be covered in molasses because it felt like we were moving in slow motion.  All you teachers know what I'm talking about, right?! This book was so motivating and I read it at the perfect time because it gave me a lot of encouragement to finish this past school year strong. I loved how his tips were numbered...sort of like small chapters. Even if you are not a teacher, I think parents could get a lot out of it, too.


I'll try to keep sharing what I'm reading and please leave me a comment if you have a good book recommendation. I love all kinds of books so pretty much anything goes!


Essential Oils---What are they?

Before I go into more detail about my essential oil experience and story, let's talk about what essential oils are. Just in case you're not sure or would like some basic info.


Essential oils are tiny molecules that come from plants and have been used for thousands of years. I hear people say things all the time about how essential oils are the newest trend and while they DEFINITELY have become much more popular recently, they are not NEW. :)
They are usually extracted through distillation but sometimes through cold-pressing. They make up a plant's "immune system" protecting it from bad stuff like fungi and bacteria.


The main ways to use them are...
  • Inhale- inhale directing from the bottle, diffuse with a diffuser, or a drop in the palm of your hand, cover your face and breathe deeply.
  • Topically- apply directly on the skin or with a carrier oil. Bottom of the feet, along the spine, edge of ear, inside mouth, on wrists or an immediate area of concern are good places to apply oils.
  •  Ingesting- drop oils under the tongue, into clear vegetable capsule or add to a drink (be sure to use a glass container)


Want a healthy and natural way to improve your health?!? There are so many different essential oils which means there are numerous ways and reasons to use them. Essential oils may help improve sleeping patterns, improve your immune system, may improve seasonal discomforts and so much more. We'll go into more depth on what each oil from the starter kit may help with over the next few weeks!


There are many different essential oils on the market today but please know the quality of the oil is EVERYTHING. Young Living Essential Oils are PURE, THERAPEUTIC grade essential oils. So pure, they can be ingested and so different from PERFUME grade essential oils and even oils purchased at health food stores which often contain fillers and are not 100% pure oil. Essential oils are currently not regulated by the FDA so companies can put whatever they want on the bottle. The reactions you may have seen or read about are due to not using the highest quality of essential oils and/or not using them properly. Check out Young Living's amazing Seed to Seal guarantee to learn about how their oils are cultivated - from the planted seed to the sealed bottle.


Great! Follow along over the next few weeks as I share about my personal experiences and about the oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Make sure you follow me on Instagram too ------  @leanneprince


If you're ready to purchase a kit, follow the instructions below...

  1. Go to the Member Sign-up Page
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  6. Agree to terms and conditions
  7. Select your kit {The $160 Premium Starter Kit...it should be the first option}
  8. Select your diffuser
  9. At this point, you can order more products if you would like to or you can check out with your starter kit.
  10. You did it! Welcome to the Essential Families team!


My words are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health ailment.  Please do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.  I am not a doctor and am only sharing what has worked for me and my family.  Results may differ for each person.  Thank you!