Calling all TpT Shopaholics! {CYBER MONDAY SALE}

If you're an educator {public, private, or home}
then TpT has probably been a game changer.
It has for me anyway. Not just because I'm a TpT seller but
because I can find quality resources that are meaningful
and engaging and that don't break my wallet.
And I can find them, purchase, and print quickly.
{and I would call myself a TpT shopaholic, ha!}

I am going to go finalize my wishlist today so I am ready
tomorrow morning when I wake up to buy because
there are some products I know I am going to use right away Monday at school!

I'm also super excited to use my holiday unit, A Sticky Note Holiday!
I made this last year and it was the perfect way to practice our reading
strategies while reading our favorite holiday books.

You can check out the rest of my products by clicking on the pic below. Happy shopping! 




All About Me and My Friends {favorite things, friends, jobs, feelings, and FUN!}

I started this post back in September and then.....life got a little crazy!
You probably do a unit like this earlier in the school year, but maybe
there is something you still might like to use or save for next year.   :)



 Oh boy did we have fun during our All About Me and Our Friends week!
I started this unit over a year ago...and then got distracted.
What really happened was I found out I was pregnant and became
super sick and never got around to finishing it. Whoops.

Fast forward to over a year later, and I finally had the motivation to finish
this unit...just in time to use it this school year!

I wanted to create a unit that was not just an "All About Me" unit, but
included activities for new classmates to learn about each other
and become fast friends.
This is a perfect unit for the first few weeks of school, but
can really be used ANYTIME!
Even if you have already taught an All About Me unit this year,
you might find several of these activities fit into other
concepts you will cover later.

Ok, enough chit chat...here's a peek at our All About Me week!

We started out the week making an All About Me flip book created by Reagan Tunstall.
You can find it in her TpT shop here.
Let me be very clear, the flip book is not in MY UNIT!
But I loved it so much {the kids did, too!} and will definitely do this activity again next year.

Then we interviewed a friend to learn more about them and introduce them to the class.

Each student got a friendship bracelet with their new friend's name!
I told them it was to remind them to share about their new friend
when they got home that evening.
I got a little crazy with my arm candy that day, ha!

We wrote two class books that week. I don't do class books a lot but they
got so excited about it that we'll have to do more. And they are wonderful to
set out at conference time for waiting parents to look through.

"Our Class Friends"
Students wrote a page about themselves and something they like to do! They each
took turns reading their page to the class. Great practice for speaking clearly to an audience!

"When We Grow Up"
We read several books about jobs and what they could be when they grow up. I highly recommend
the ones in the picture below...my favorites!

We also talked about our feelings and what makes us feel certain ways.
They loved discussing what makes them sad, happy, angry, embarrassed!

Then they wrote about it in their "My Feelings Book".

You can find these activities and MORE in my All About Me and My Friends unit
in my TpT shop here!


Five for Friday

Since it's been a while...here's a little update. ;)

1. Can it really be November already? This girl is officially 8 months old! Time is flying by.

2. Like many girls between the ages of 4-10, Lainey was Elsa for Halloween.
Naturally, Brynn had to be Olaf.

3. This school year is kind of kickin' my behind. That's all I can really say about that.
Thank goodness for weekends!

4. I'm currently getting treatment for an eye disease and have to get monthly injections
in my right eye. It isn't THAT bad and I get to take the rest of the day off work.
Ummmmmm...sure, I'll suffer for a few minutes and let you stick a needle in my eye 
so I can sit on the couch for the rest of the day. By myself. 
It's a rough life but somebody has to do it.
5. I got to stay home with Brynn one day this week because she had a fever. I don't
wish my kids to get sick...but I do love to spend extra time with them!

Later that day, she was feeling much better and the weather was warm,
so we decided to walk to the park after Lainey was out of school.

 Lainey and I had a little after school date this week because she just
needed a little break to unwind after the school day {I did too}.
She loves book orders just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs. :)