Welcome Fall!

I'm loving the weather we are
having here in Kansas!
Lows in 50's and highs in upper 70's,
low 80's.
Can't really get much better than that!
Anyways, I'm home for most of the
week because my little one
caught hand, foot, and mouth.
She can't go back to daycare until next week.
Here goes the rest of my sick days!

She's doing ok and actually eating
and drinking some stuff.
Other times she spits out her
food and starts to cry because it hurts, poor baby:(

I'm loving this extra time with her
though and for the most part she is
in good spirits so we are having fun.
Makes me miss summer when I was
home all the time and I can't
help but wish sometimes I was a stay-at-home mommy:)

Ok, enough rambling, I wanted to share a game
with you all so here we go....

My students need lots of extra practice
with rounding so I came up with this game.
Click on any of the pictures above to download
a copy.

I think I might also make a Halloween
version, so if I actually do that
I'll share that too!