Spring Training and a Sale!

Happy Friday!

Opening day for the MLB is just around the corner,
so to celebrate and get my students excited for 4th quarter I created
some baseball themed activities last year that my students loved!
I plan on having my sub do these activities with my class this year too
and they always make a cute display at open house.


 The first product includes a goal-setting activity {perfect for setting
goals for the last quarter of school}, cause-effect/problem-solution activity,
some baseball themed graphic organizers, and some coloring sheets
that are perfect to give to the state test takers at your school!
{we use them to give to our 6th grade buddies before they start
state assessments!}


The second baseball themed product I have are the perfect spring time centers.
All your students will love these literacy and math centers...especially the boys!

You can my baseball products on sale this weekend through Monday
because of the Spring Cleaning sale I'm participating in with many other
fabulous bloggers. This is definitely the time to stock up on products you've
had on your wishlist and anything else you may need to finish out the year!
I can't wait to shop myself, so I'm heading over to TpT to move things from
my wishlist to my cart and also to leave feedback on my past purchases to
earn those points!
{everything in my store is 20% off!}

Here are a few of my other products I use during the final months of the school
year that you may be interested in!



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Brynn Avery is here...

First picture sent to the waiting room!

First bath

Brynn's arrival came at 38 weeks without much drama. I woke up on a Tuesday morning a few
hours early and had trouble sleeping. I suspected something could be up because of
some digestive issues I was having. As I got ready for work, I felt some cramping and 
tightening in my abdomen or back. With Lainey, my water broke and I didn't have to
decipher or time contractions, so I was a little unsure if labor was upon me or not. I had already
called for a sub for the morning since we were taking our 1st graders on a fieldtrip that
morning. I did not want to get stuck somewhere having contractions, if that was in fact
what was happening. However, I didn't want to take a whole day off in case I was just not feeling
well and was not really in labor. Then I started having contractions I could actually time. So I called
the sub office and said I was indeed going to need the whole day off. I timed them for about an
hour as I got Lainey ready for school. Jeff took her to school and then we both went by
his work to get him a few things. My contractions had seemed to stop and I couldn't really
time anything. We decided to go out for breakfast and my mom met us there. After that, we
walked around Target which brought back the cramping and tightness in my abdomen and back.
We went back to our house to relax and wait. All the while, we were hoping we all hadn't taken
a day off of work for nothing! At about 12:30pm that day my water broke when I was in the
bathroom (good timing!). It was such a good feeling to know that, yes, this baby was
coming today and there was no more waiting around for signs of labor!

I didn't have very strong contractions until I got to the hospital and labored for
a while before I had an epidural. I felt so relaxed lying in bed after the epidural
and we didn't have to wait long for progress....or it didn't seem like it.
I just couldn't get over how comfortable and relaxed I felt.
When it was time to push, I did for about 15 min. which was so much better than 
2 hours with Lainey. Everything was just very easy and I couldn't have been happier with 
how everything went.

Brynn Avery Prince was born on March 4, 2014 at 7:37pm. Lainey was the first to meet
her which was awesome. Originally, I never thought it would work out for
Lainey to be at the hosptial when Brynn was born. I figured it would be the middle
of the night and just not work out knowing how long labor can last!
But, Lainey only had to wait with our families for a few
hours after she was picked up from school and I'm glad she got to be a part
of the experience.

My sister took these pictures in the hospital and she has also taken
Brynn's newborn pictures at home that I'll share soon!


a teacher's baby shower

Since this is my second baby and another girl,
I saw no reason to have another baby shower.
However, some of my friends thought otherwise, and didn't take my
answer of "no" seriously. :)
One reason they wouldn't take no for an answer is they are just really great friends.
And, in our little group, we like to celebrate each new
addition whether it's your 3rd boy in a row or 2nd little girl.
So I should have known that my party planning extroidinare friend
would definitely not let this opportunity go by. ;)
We decided on a date and also that the men would join us
so we could all just hang out.

My friend, Chelsea, the expert party planner, came up with the
theme of a chidren's book shower.
I thought it was perfect since I didn't want a bunch of gifts, but
every baby needs a book collection!
She ran with the idea especially since I'm a teacher. :)
Check out the library card invites...too cute!

And the snack and dessert table was just amazing....

Chelsea is the master at all the little details....

My little one got several great books, too. :)

Go read more about my shower on Chelsea's blog here!
You could spend a while over there looking at all
of her amazing parties!

{all photos courtesy of Chelsea Hatfield}


Finally.....a Five for Friday post

It's been quite a while since I participated in this linky and I always
love reading about my fellow bloggers' top five of the week,
so here's my recap.....

1. Ummmm...I'm officially on maternity leave! Our second daughter
was born March 4 and we couldn't be any happier. :)
I'm planning on doing a separate post on her birth and to
share newborn pics so I'll leave you in suspense about her name, ha!
Here she is with her big sister.

2. I loved using my March Fluency Pack last year with my 1st
graders, and left it with my sub this year too. It includes sight words, phrases,
poems, and passages that students can use as well as recording sheets to keep
track of words/phrases they missed and how many times them practiced.
Check it out here!

3. Comfy clothes. My wardrobe has been all about comfort
since coming home from the hospital. And it
helps to feel comfy and CUTE! Here are a few items I picked
 up lately that I'm loving...

Got these striped capris from Athleta here with a gift card
from my birthday last month. They are super soft and will be
perfect for workouts too.

This hoodie is also really soft and from Old Navy. Check it out here.
I picked up another
hoodie in a pretty mint color but I don't see it on their website yet.

4. March Madness! Love this time of year and all of the
basketball excitement. Rock Chalk!

5. Warmer weather! I've been able to wear flip flops a few days this week
and that just makes me very happy!

Now go visit Doodle Bugs to link up yourself. :)



Spring Style Pins

Happy Sunday!

Sooooo............I'm still pregnant.
Almost 38 weeks and I'm VERY ready to meet this babe
and have my swollen ankles {canks, as I call them} return to normal. I'm especially
ready to be able to bend over and get up from the couch like a normal person. :)

While I've been waiting, I've made a few post-pregnancy clothing purchases because I just
couldn't help myself! I went shopping with my mom and sister for my birthday
and there were some amazing sales and my birthday gift cards were just
screaming to be used.

I thought I'd share some of my recent pins from my Teaching with Style board.
They are definitely on the more casual side since I won't be working
for the next 5 months.









I love this tee and found it here. Just a little too pricey for me for a tee.
Maybe it will go on sale. ;)

With all these new spring style inspirations, I may just have to start my
teaching with style posts again after baby!
Click the button below for past posts.