Valentine freebie and Planner winners!

And the winners are....

Katie D. and Kristen B. be looking for the planner in your
email VERY soon!!! :)

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

And, now here's a Valentine freebie for ya.
Remember these heart dice I found?
{as did many of my teacher friends who also stalk the dollar spot!}


I made a little activity to use them and put in one of my math centers!
We're working on doubles, doubles +1, and doubles +2
so this will be a great review for them.
You can use this activity with regular dice, too. :)
Click here or the pic below to download this freebie!

I've also updated my Valentine's Day Packet.
I use most of these activities as independent
"free time" fillers.
My students *LOVE* to get seasonal or holiday
skill packets they can work on when they finish early!

If you've already purchased, go to your My Purchases
tab on TpT and redownload.
I wanted to freshen up the graphics and I also added
a few activities...

{there are 8 different BINGO cards included}

I'll be copying my Valentine's Day packets very soon...can't believe its almost February!



My Teacher Planner Giveaway!

******This giveaway has ended******

Hey sweet friends!

I hope you are finding some time to do something relaxing
today! :)

Last week, I posted my new Teacher Planner and I completely
forgot to give a copy {or two!} away like I normally
do when I post about a new product.

So...if you'd like to win a copy of my Teacher Planner for free,
all you have to do is be a follower of my blog,
and follow my facebook page!

I'll choose 2 winners on Tuesday!

Have a GREAT Sunday :)

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My Teacher Planner

Happy Friday teacher friends!!!

I'm so excited to share my new teacher planner with you today.

Who decides to get a brand new planner mid-year?

I've been working on it for a while now...since I got an itch
to get a stylish and colorful planner that I actually ENJOY looking at,
without a hefty price tag.
I'm a sucker for color and all things pretty and I'm willing
to admit it!
I mean, sure, a regular boring old planner with no color
and absolutely no cute graphics was working just fine,
but this planner is WAY more my style! :)

Does it make me shallow that this makes me really happy!?! ;)

Would you like to update your planner mid-year, too?
This product not only includes everything you need from now until the end
of this school year {Jan 2013-July2013}, but the file ALSO includes everything
you need for next school year {Aug. 2013-July 2014}!

It comes with a printable PDF file AND an editable Power Point version
to customize the subjects on your weekly lesson plan pages.
Also included are dividers for other items you may want to include
in your own planner/binder system....

and one blank page to customize!

You can grab a copy from my TpT store here!

Have a great weekend!     :)


MLK Mobile {freebie}

If you need another activity for studying Martin Luther King, Jr.,
then you're in luck!
I actually shared this last year, but thought I would mention
it again.

I'm actually doing this with my students tomorrow,
but today my student teacher, Julie, and I were preparing it
so I snapped a few pics. :)

Here is a chart Julie whipped up in no time after I told
her I wanted something to brainstorm ideas for our
different dreams.

 And here is our example of the mobile ready to go!

We copied the clouds on colored printer paper...but then decided to
glue on white construction paper to make it more durable,
since it will be my example year after year.
I would recommend copying on construction paper for your students.

Click on the pic below to download your free copy!

Now I'm off to watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars!
Anyone else watch it???
My husband reminds me all the time about how its such
a "high school girl" show!
I don't care though....I love the suspense! :)


maybe you need this too.

I had every intention of posting one of the many educational
post ideas I have floating around in my head tonight.
But, my heart just wasn't in it for some reason.
Instead I wanted to share something that I came across this week
at the absolute PERFECT time that I needed this reassurance.
Sometimes, well-meaning people want to know what is
next for you in your life.
And it can be an awkward question to answer when you yourself
don't know the answer!
Then, when you tell them that, they feel the obligation or need
to give you advice and counsel on what should come next
and what you should do to make that happen.
But, this my friends, is all the comfort I need.
Be still.
Maybe you need this, too. :)

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Sight Word Board Games {and a photo update!}

Hey friends!

Does this seem like the longest week ever to anyone else????
I guess because we were so spoiled having two weeks off
for winter break, and this is only our first full week back.
Before I share some recent pics,
here's my latest addition to my TpT store.
I needed another literacy center to use weekly
with no prep work!
There are 9 different board games included in this pack
and all you need is a spinner or dice and you're good to go.
All 220 words included, so the most frequently used sight
words are included in the first game board and then so on.
You can pick up your own copy here!
Ok, I thought I'd unload some recent pics {instagram and such}
from the last few weeks.
Lainey practicing her letters. :)

Oh, I love office supplies.
I stayed in this isle of Staples for probably 45 min.
The employees must have thought I was completely insane!

I loved this little pre-holiday activity...turned out cute I thought.
Courtesy of Lindsey at The Teacher Wife. :)
Here is her post and free download.
We turned the houses into little holiday homes with some
scrapbook paper and stickers.

One of my best friends and I at our husbands' holiday work party.
We just had to get a picture of us on this swanky couch!

My current project...I'm in love.
I {heart} color.
Hope to share this soon. :)


Want to win a copy of my Dolch Sight Word Board Games for free?
Make sure you follow my blog and leave a comment below including
your email.
I'll choose two people and send it to them free! :)



Number Fluency Practice and the dollar spot!

Hey sweet friends!

Can I first share with you my awesome find at Target's
little dollar spot?!?
Check these out......
 Can you say Caaaaaaa-ute!

I can't wait to come up with a Valentine's
themed math game for these sweet little things.
You better check you local Tar-jay the next time
you're there!

Anyway, I've finished up my latest product and just
put it in my TpT store.

I was desperately needing some math progress monitoring PRACTICE pages.
I already have the program our district uses for the actual
benchmark testing and progress monitoring assessments,
but didn't have anything to send home for extra practice
or to use in my math small groups between progress
monitoring dates.
Sure, we practice number identification MANY other
ways besides just the 1 minute timed format,
but if this is how we are going to assess, 
then they need fair opportunity to practice this way, too!

Here's a little preview....

20 practice pages for #'s 0-10.

And 20 practice pages for #'s 0-20.

This pack is only for Number Identification,
but I've got packs already in the works
for Quantity Discrimination and Missing Number as well!
Check it out here. :)

Have a great week!



New Year Sale! 20% off!

Hey guys!

I hope you had a safe and happy New Year's Eve!
If you feel like getting your shop on today
there are SOOOOO many great TpT sellers having 20% off
Since I plan on just laying around today, its going to be
hard to not shop all day long. :)

My shop will be on sale today and tomorrow and you
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Here are some items you may want to check out
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