Mad Science!

Most of our curriculum
is pretty much laid out for us,
but I'm trying to make things more
exciting and engaging for my students:)

I was brainstorming ideas for
science while looking over the
benchmarks when I had the idea
for a Mad Science! theme.
We cover several different topics/units
throughout the year,
but I thought it would be fun to 
wear "lab coats" when 
we are doing science activities
and experiments!
I saw this picture and figured
I could design name tags
and print on transfer paper
and have a parent iron them on.

I'm planning on asking parents to
send an old, white, dress shirt to school
with their kiddo, but
I'm also going to check out thrift
stores to see if I can get some
for cheap!

Our regular science journals
could get a face-lift like this...

I just Mod Podge that thing right up!
Love that stuff:)

I also put the cover page on a spiral
notebook and the grayscale
print looks good too
but I think I definitely am
going to have to use the ink
for the color version.

If you'd like a blank copy,
{I typed in our units under
then you can download it by
clicking on the pic below.
You could have your students write
in the units you study as you go!
This fits a spiral notebook or
composition notebook pretty
good after trimming.

And I made one up for anyone
who wants to slip it into
the front of a binder.
You can download that
one here...

I really want to find
the time to do some good ol' fashioned
science experiments
like these by Mrs. Jump.
Just sprinkle them in throughout the
year during short weeks/half days.

These are only small changes to
my regular science routine
and I hope the kids
get excited about it.

I just need to find my old
science lab coat from college.
I hope I didn't get rid of it!

{I'm thinking I want to create more printables
to go with this!}



  1. Love it. At one of my previous schools we had an all day event we called Science Discovery Day where each teacher taught a hands on science lesson. Students had tickets to go to their "assigned" science lessons for the day. Fun, fun and teacher's just taught the same lesson to different groups of students all day.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. I love this! I always do a science journal every year and I have the students cover theirs with pictures from science scholastics or national geographics of science things like animals, weather, etc. One experiment we do at the beginning of every year is "Boat Afloat." You could probably do this in second. You have each student build a boat out of tin foil. Then, put students in groups. Have each group predict whose boat will stay afloat with the most pennies. Then they test it out by putting each boat in water and adding one penny at a time until it sinks! Then discuss which boats held more pennies and why! The students LOVE THIS! =) Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. I LOVE this! I found this post by accident while searching for activities for our new "Mad Scientist Mondays". Thanks for sharing!
    Teachin' First

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