The moon...and a sale!!!

Happy Leap Day friends!

I'm VERY late in the game, but I'm throwing
a sale for leap day like many fabulous bloggers/teacher authors!

Everything in my TpT store is 20% off now through this Saturday!
I know I'm really late in posting this, but sometimes
things (like announcing this sale!) get bumped further
and further down on my running to-do list. 
Know what I mean?!?!
So, if you are in a shopping mood for the next few days
you should check it out. :)
I'm REALLY loving our latest science unit
all about the moon, planets, and stars!
So far, we have covered the moon and its phases
and the kids are SO into it.
First, we created this little book on the first day...
Then, yesterday we had so much fun using Oreos to
show the moon through all its phases.
I downloaded this little gem from TpT for free!

I'm creating some goodies for learning about the planets
so hopefully I will be able to share them with you all soon.
 Have a fabulous day tomorrow!!!



Freebie Money Posters!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Today is such a treat here in good ole' Kansas
because we are having some glorious, warm weather.
And my Jayhawks won yesterday so everyone is happy
in our house. ROCK CHALK!!!
{Rachel and Ali were the first two to guess correctly
that I would be watching the KU vs. MU game yesterday,
so they won the two money games! If you didn't win,
you can pick them up here}

I wanted to share these posters I made for my classroom.
Let's just say the money "signage" in my room was
not cutting it, so I used this fabulous clip art
to make some new ones.

You can click on any of the pics below to download
a copy for FREE from my TpT store.
Just a little treat for you to say THANK YOU
for reading my blog, commenting, and inspiring me!

Shout out to Kelley...hope your birthday yesterday was fabulous
and relaxing!!!
Go visit her blog here and help her reach 300 followers. She is giving
away a $25 gift certificate to TpT!


The Trading Game: Money Style

I was so excited for my Presidents Day long weekend!
Saturday was great! I got to meet Kelley from Buggy for Second
Grade and she is such a sweetheart!
I also happened to win her giveaway a few weeks ago and she
made me this lovely board for my classroom.
 She customized it to match my decor and everything!
Saturday evening I had a girls night with my 2 year old 
and we had fun riding the carousel at our local mall and shopping.

Then, Sunday I came down with sore throat, that turned to congestion,
that turned into a few days of a fever that won't go away! Boo!
So, most of my long weekend was spent being sicko but that's
how it goes, I guess :)
Since I'm stuck at home I thought I would finally update
you guys with a few new games I made.

The first is a money trading game, a lot like the
chip trading game I described here.

This game is VERY simple but powerful for the kids
because it helps them to make those connections that 5 pennies = 1 nickel,
2 nickels = 1 dime, etc...
Each student has a gameboard and there is one student in each group
that I select to be the banker.
I love using these chip trays to organize manipulatives!
Gotta love the Dollar Tree! :)
Students roll dice and collect coins from the banker
and keep making trades.
I call this game, "Race to a Quarter!"
The other game I made so my students could simply have
practice using coins to show different amounts.
It's called, "Piggy Race", because they are trying to
get to the piggy in the middle first to be the winner.

This game is also very simple, but I think that's how it
needs to be to work for all learners.
 You can find these games in my TpT store HERE
for $1.50 each.
The first 2 people to guess correctly what big game I'll be watching
on Saturday will win both of these!!!
hint: see this post
{don't forget to leave your email}
Have a fabulous week!



Happy February!

Happy first day of February!

Gotta love this month, right?
Well, it is my birthday month after all and I'm
praying spring is right around the corner.

Anyhoo, I FINALLY finished a Valentine's Day packet
I was working on for TpT and it's all ready to go!
My kiddos starting working on a little heart craftivity
to decorate the room. We also used it to review
facts and opinions so each student made a heart and
wrote one fact and one opinion about Valentine's Day.
The neat thing is that you can use the craftivity to reveiw
any concept you want!

You can check it out here AND enter an awesome
giveaway where you could win my unit and all of these
amazing teacher's products!
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