Baseball Centers and April Fluency on SALE!

I'm just popping in real quick today to let you know
everything in my TpT shop is 20% off today!

Here are a few items I've recently added to my store,
but I didn't have time this past week to share them with you here.
I'll post more about them this week,
 but you might want to grab them today while they are on sale!
Click on any of the pictures below to go to my store.

I'm super excited about these baseball themed centers!
{I know the boys in my class will be, too!}

I also made another fluency pack... this one for April!
These activities are great for a fluency center, small group practice, and much more.

Happy shopping!
More importantly, HAPPY EASTER!



Teaching wtih Style: Blazers

I've been LOVING these new spring blazers I got from Loft.
So much that I wanted to share with you all so you can run out and
get them yourself!
As I was cleaning my closet about a month ago, I tried on a few old
blazers I had. I'm talking probably 5-6 years old and I haven't worn
them in forever.
They were really outdated and didn't fit that well,
so off to Goodwill they went....and on to Loft I did go!

Pink blazer- get it here
Navy striped blouse- get it here

 Red blazer- get it here
Navy striped blouse- get it here

Tweed blazer- get it here
Tank- get it here

Pink blazer- get it here
Tank- get it here

I love shopping at Loft.... most of the time.
Over the winter, I wasn't that impressed with the styles they had to offer,
but I feel like this spring they are totally redeeming themselves. :)
I went when they were having a 40% off full-price items event,
and bought the red blazer and striped blouse.
They are always having sales, so I rarely pay full-price for anything.
I scored some cash cards at that time {or whatever they call them},
and a few weeks later, I went back to use them and got the black and white tweed blazer
as well as the pink one. I picked up the hot pink tank that same trip.
Since I had the cash cards, I think I paid maybe $100 including tax for
those two blazers and the tank!
Not a bad deal!

Hope y'all are having a great week!

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Free Money Posters: Updated!

Hey y'all!
I'm on spring break this week and I'm
so thankful for this little break from the routine!
I can't believe how fast this year is going!

On to some updates....
I'm thrilled to be staying in 1st grade next year!
I was going to have to move to 3rd next year for all of about
two weeks. Ha!
I had a feeling it wouldn't stick, and as thankful as I was
just to be keeping a job and staying at the same school,
I was NOT looking forward to taking down my classroom
and moving it. Again.
Our third grade team is AWESOME so it would have been
great working with them, 
but I have a VERY special place in my heart for my 1st grade teammates.
Really and truly these ladies have made my year and I love
them soooooo much.
And teaching 1st grade has been my favorite grade to teach, too!
{I've now taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th}

Another thing I want to update you on is
 is I've added a half dollar poster to my Money Posters set!
I've had lots of requests for one since I made these babies
over a year ago, and I FINALLY got around to it!
So click the picture below to download your free copy!

I've got a list of products I want to add to and update,
so I'm sure I'll be back with more this week!

Have  a great day, friends! :)



U.S. Regions is done! FINALLY!

 Hey friends!
One more week until spring break here...can't wait!

I'm SUPER excited to share with you my latest unit.
This project has been time-consuming for sure, but I absolutely
LOVE how it turned out.

It all started, when Julie and I were thinking about what unit she would
teach for her big ole' Kansas student teacher project. {not the official name. whatever.}
 Since I hadn't taught about the regions yet and we thought it would
fit the time requirement for the unit {two weeks}
we dove into trying to find resources. 
We looked and looked and weren't coming up with anything that
fit our needs, would be age appropriate, and appealing to the eye. {a.k.a. cute}
Boy, are we demanding, right?!?!
So....I just decided I would create what we needed as we went along.
We knew we wanted to have informational text that our kiddos
would be able to read and enjoy.
Also, pleasing to the eye graphics and fonts were a MUST!
I came up with these for the interactive readers....

 We also needed a pre/post test along with some maps...

We knew we also wanted some crafts/writing included as well!

 {that's my 3 year old modeling the Mardi Gras mask!}

And here are some of the other things that are included...

We ended up spending 2-3 days on each region, but you could
definitely spend more time on each one!
I know that our 4th or 5th grade spends more time on each region,
so this pack would also be a good addition to region resources you
already may use. :)

You can check out this pack HERE in my TpT store.
I hope that it is a valuable resource {over 100 pages!}
for some of you!

I'll give this pack away to the first two people to comment, just
remember to leave your email. :)

Have a great week!

{p.s. I promised a Teaching with Style post this past week, but when I went to get the
pics off my camera, they were all blurry! I guess I'll just have to take more this week!}


March Fluency with a Freebie!

Happy Friday!

Just a quick post today to share with you my latest product...

I can't wait to get this in a fluency center next week and to also
use the sight word cards/sheet with my small group!
I'm going to pair my kiddos up and have them use a timer to
do 1 minute timings on words and phrases.
Then, they use the recording sheets to write down any words/phrases
they didn't know and also use them in a sentence or two.
You can get this pack in my TpT store HERE for only $3.50!
I know I'm a little late in the game to get this too you...so here's
a little March Phrases freebie, too!
Click the pic below to download.




Visual Plans and Basketball Centers!

I've been drooling over Deedee, Brooke, and Jen's
weekly visual plans for a couple months now for a few reasons:

1. They teach K, 1, and 2, so I find lots of great products by
scouring their plans for my classroom.

2. I {heart} getting a glimpse into their classrooms by checking
out what they're going to teach during the week!
Sometimes, I'll look at their plans and wish I was a kid in their
class because it looks like so much fun!

3. I secretly want to be them. Just kidding. But, seriously. ;)

Ok, so since Deedee is hosting a linky party to display your visual
plans, I thought I'd jump on board and try it out.
I don't know if I can keep up with it every week, but it was kind of
fun to make so we'll see!

First, here are my "Visual Plans Disclaimer"
{ha! I'm really not that serious...}
*I'm not really teaching this week, my student teacher Julie is!
*A few of my products in my plans this week are "still in the works",
meaning, they are so close to being ready to
put in my shop, but not quite!
I'm putting the final touches on these units while Julie is
using them in our classroom and providing amazing feedback. :)
I feel like I'm teasing you guys by displaying them in my plans,
but I'll have them ready soon....like "this week" soon!
*And one more thing, I haven't figured out how to make
my visual plans all fancy smancy and actually have the links to the
products in my document, so I'm just using a picture of my plans
and listing the links in my blog post.
Maybe next week I'll figure out the links in PDF thing. Maybe. :)

Here are the links to the products featured:
Christina's Sight Word Passages
My Great Graphing Pack
My United States Regions Pack {coming later this week!}
My March Fluency Pack {coming later this week!} 

If you'd like to make your own visual plans using my template,
you can purchase My Teacher Planner which includes
a PDF version AND an editable PowerPoint version. I used the
editable version to make my visual plans. :)

So, back to my student teacher Julie!
She's a rockstar and just uploaded her first product to her own
TpT store!
She created the March Math Madness centers featured above that she's
using for our math centers this week.
Take a peek at them....

Click here to go follow her store!
I hope to be back during the week for posts
on my regions pack, March fluency, AND just maybe
another Teaching with Style post!
Have a great week!