You know you are a Kansas girl when...

I love being a Kansas girl.
You know you are a Kansas girl when:

1. You {heart} Jayhawks or Wildcats.

2. You own a pair of cowboy boots.

3. Even if you've never lived on a farm,
you have some connections just in case you
ever need to borrow one of these...

4. The weather is KS never surprises you...today's high was mid
30's and projected high for Monday is 62.

5. When you travel and you say you are from KS, you've been
asked if you've ever seen Oz. 
True story.

6. You ALWAYS celebrate Kansas day!
{also my grandma's birthday}

This week in my classroom, we did all sorts of fun
Kansas activities.
I found some awesome printables by Kelly & Diane from
These ladies are from Wichita and really gave me so
many activities to teach my students our state symbols.
Here are some of their pics from their blog.
{I forgot to take pics while we worked on them}

We worked all week long during social studies
and reading on our Kansas activities and we
ended the day Friday with this:

The kids LOVED them.
It's always a hit every year and they work
so hard trying to come up with different
ways to make the pictures.
My teammate gave them to me when I moved
to 2nd grade but I don't know where she found them.

It was a great week...but still felt kind of long :)
This next week we begin a new reading unit
with the theme of fossils.
I've been scouring pinterest and blogs for ideas.
Last year, I bought a dinosaur themed cartridge
to use with my cricut to make
bulletin boards. I didn't use it that much so I hope
to get some time to make some awesome boards
to help my kiddos get excited about fossils!

One thing I know I want to do is this:

Let me know if you've got any ideas for teaching
about dinosaurs or fossils :)



Thank You!

 I want to say a HUGE
Thank You
to these lovely ladies
who nominated me for an
award! You guys are too sweet!

Haley from Following Optimism

So here are 7 things about me....

1. I {heart} weekends
2. and blogging
3. I'm a Kansas Jayhawk fan all the way! ROCK CHALK!
4. I love a good crafternoon project.

5. I'm 5'10" and love being tall!

6. I really, really need to go shopping today.

7. All my hope comes from the Lord :)

I'm going to follow the rest of the award rules and pass on the award
in a separate post because my toddler has had enough of me blogging 
right now!
Have a glorious weekend!


Hot Chocolate and Adjectives

One more day to go before a glorious
3-day weekend and I'm sooooooo ready!
Today we ended the day with a special
treat. Our class was awarded a hot chocolate
party from a positive behavior assembly
we have each month.

It was such a perfect day for this because
here in good ol' Kansas,
we were FREEZING!
Windchill was in the negatives so no
outdoor recess today:(

I made a little adjectives activity for my kiddos
to do while we enjoyed our warm treat!
Download it  HERE at my TpT store cause
its FREE!!!

Have a fabulous Friday!


Giveaway Winners!!!

So the moment you've all been waiting for.
{i know you just couldn't sleep last night...ha!}

The grand prize winner of the $10 Starbucks
card AND a copy of my Great Graphing unit

Congrats girl and I'll be contacting you
to get your addy to send you your gift
card and you'll find the unit in your email
shortly :)

The 2 other winners of the unit were
Sarah and Deb!
I'll email you guys with the unit and
I hope you find it very useful!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered
and for reading my blog! :)

So...I've been thinking that Cara's teacher
meet ups seem like a lot of fun!
I tried to find one of her posts and pics of them
meeting and hanging out so you could
read about it if you haven't but couldn't find one.
I'm kinda wishin' I lived in Texas so I could
be a part of these gals' get togethers!!!

Any Kansas or Missouri teachers/bloggers
wanna plan a similar meet up?
I think it would be loads of fun!

Email me @
if you would be interested!!!


MLK mobile FREEBIE and last chance for giveaway!

Happy Friday!!!

Boy, am I ready for the weekend!

Every year I have my students make a mobile
about MLK and I just couldn't find it in my files this year!
I got it from a resource book years ago but
can't track down a copy of it.
So I just made one similar today for my kiddos to make
next week.
I thought about waiting to post this until AFTER we
do it so I'd have some pretty pictures for ya to look at,
but then thought you might want this NOW so you can do it
next week too.
Click on any of the pics to download.

I use a hole punch and yarn to connect the small clouds to
the big cloud and usually make them different lengths so they
aren't crammed together.

This is also your last chance to enter my giveaway!
Click HERE to enter and good luck!
I'll be announcing the winner sometime tomorrow :)

Enjoy your Friday night!


Graphing Unit and a GIVEAWAY!!! *CLOSED*

So I feel like every time I make
a new post...I'm apologizing for my
absence because of an illness!
Such is life with a toddler :)
This time our house was hit by
a stomach bug...blah!

Glad it seems to be gone because
that was rough.
We did manage to get a little New Year's fun
in before it hit though :)

 For the record, my hubby doesn't normally wear Jersey Shore blinged-out tees...
it was a little joke.
{no offense to those who do wear Jersey Shore blinged-out tees :-) }

I wanted to give you a little preview of my
newest unit in my TpT store....

My kiddos are LOVING these activities and games!
Every day, after our regular math instruction time, we have 30 minutes
where kiddos can get extra support from our Title math teacher, 
myself, or independent practice.
I love being able to have them play games
to practice their skills and they do too!
So, that's why I've been busy making math units
because sometimes our math curriculum just doesn't cut it, ya know?

I hope this might be something that could help you out!
I love being able to find ready to use products on TpT
that are purposeful AND fun:)


Ok, and here's what you've been waiting for....the GIVEAWAY!

I'm giving away a $10 gift card to...
AND my graphing unit to one lucky winner!
THREE other lucky winners will win a copy of
my graphing unit!

You have 3 ways to enter and you'll need to leave a 
separate comment for each one at the bottom of this post.

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment below. Or, just
leave a comment telling me you are already a follower!

2. Blog about my giveaway...spread the word by linking back to this post!

3. Follow my TpT store!

The giveaway will end this Saturday at 12:01am and I'll
announce the winner 
{determined through a random number generator} 
sometime on Saturday!
Thanks for participating!!!
I hope you all have a good return to school after break. :-)
My first day with the kiddos is tomorrow so I better get to bed!!!