it's getting closer

I can't believe that school
will be starting in just a few weeks!

My classroom was packed up at the end
of last year because several of us
had to move to different rooms:(

We won't be able to get into the school
until a few days before we are supposed
to report back for work so I will have
my work cut out for me!

This will be the fourth classroom I've occupied
in six years at my school
so I guess I should be getting used to
tearing down and putting it all back up again!

Anyhoo, I'm feeling energized from the girls weekend
I just got back from. 
Even though my summer isn't over yet,
{loving every minute!}
I'm feeling somewhat reharged for what lies ahead of me
and that will be creating a whole new classroom from scratch!

I love working with a theme when planning parties so 
I decided it would make all the work more ENJOYABLE
if I worked with a theme for my room.
I've never used a specific theme
so I considered a few options...

1. There are TONS of cute pirate stuff everywhere and
that just sounds like a load of fun. I know I mentioned
before about pirate stuff in the dollar spot at Target
but they also have cool stuff in the party section.

2. A western theme sounded great and there
are lots of places to find goodies for this theme.
{especially since I could wear my new cowboy
boots I found for $40 bucks,
and then I could dress the part for the first day!}

But, I came to the decision to not focus on
such a specific theme and I picked a color scheme
that I really liked and was noticing several stores
had lots to offer in these colors.

Here are some of my inspirations and goodies
I've picked up so far...

Isn't this mini fridge cute!?!
I was looking for one on craigslist
and didn't even think  I would find one to match
the decor!
It was a great price, too:)

Large poster I'm using for my doorway
to post classlist, emergency procedures, etc...
I also found  plastic shoe boxes at Target
in packs of 5 for $5 in some of these colors.
Oh, and I'm working on a fabric banner thanks
to Abby over at the inspired apple. She
did a post not long ago giving tips on a
no-sew banner.
Even though I like to sew, I don't have a lot
of time and this will be perfect!

I like to have an organized classroom that
is fun, bright, but not too distracting or cluttered
and I think this color scheme will do just that:)
{oh, and I'm in LOVE with paisleys}
I will definitely post pictures when I'm done
with my room because I love looking
at other teacher's rooms, too.
It will be a few weeks before I can do that
since I can't even start yet!

I'd love to hear if you have a classroom theme this year!



  1. I know exactly how you feel. Today was the first day that I could get into my room, and since I'm new to the school, a lot of the day was spent introducing myself to people who poked their head into my mess. I also have a love affair for dots on turquoise! Check out my blog to see the cute banner I made for 2nd grade. I just got mine printed and laminated today, and I *just* finished cutting it out. Tomorrow it gets attached to the giant rick-rack I found at hobby lobby!!

    hang in there!
    :) Lauren
    Notes from Miss Dennis

  2. Just found your blog through a comment you posted on Christina Bainbridge's site. I'm so excited to find other 2nd grade blogs! I'm now a follower. Hope you will check mine out as well as I'm new to this whole teacher blog thing too!

  3. P.S. I just recently posted pictures of my class-- I have a black denim/red bandana theme.

  4. Thanks guys! I will definitely check out your blogs! I need some giant rick-rack as well:)

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