Visual Plans and Basketball Centers!

I've been drooling over Deedee, Brooke, and Jen's
weekly visual plans for a couple months now for a few reasons:

1. They teach K, 1, and 2, so I find lots of great products by
scouring their plans for my classroom.

2. I {heart} getting a glimpse into their classrooms by checking
out what they're going to teach during the week!
Sometimes, I'll look at their plans and wish I was a kid in their
class because it looks like so much fun!

3. I secretly want to be them. Just kidding. But, seriously. ;)

Ok, so since Deedee is hosting a linky party to display your visual
plans, I thought I'd jump on board and try it out.
I don't know if I can keep up with it every week, but it was kind of
fun to make so we'll see!

First, here are my "Visual Plans Disclaimer"
{ha! I'm really not that serious...}
*I'm not really teaching this week, my student teacher Julie is!
*A few of my products in my plans this week are "still in the works",
meaning, they are so close to being ready to
put in my shop, but not quite!
I'm putting the final touches on these units while Julie is
using them in our classroom and providing amazing feedback. :)
I feel like I'm teasing you guys by displaying them in my plans,
but I'll have them ready soon....like "this week" soon!
*And one more thing, I haven't figured out how to make
my visual plans all fancy smancy and actually have the links to the
products in my document, so I'm just using a picture of my plans
and listing the links in my blog post.
Maybe next week I'll figure out the links in PDF thing. Maybe. :)

Here are the links to the products featured:
Christina's Sight Word Passages
My Great Graphing Pack
My United States Regions Pack {coming later this week!}
My March Fluency Pack {coming later this week!} 

If you'd like to make your own visual plans using my template,
you can purchase My Teacher Planner which includes
a PDF version AND an editable PowerPoint version. I used the
editable version to make my visual plans. :)

So, back to my student teacher Julie!
She's a rockstar and just uploaded her first product to her own
TpT store!
She created the March Math Madness centers featured above that she's
using for our math centers this week.
Take a peek at them....

Click here to go follow her store!
I hope to be back during the week for posts
on my regions pack, March fluency, AND just maybe
another Teaching with Style post!
Have a great week!



  1. I love, love your planner! Great job at your first visual plans. :) In order to add links, you can create in PowerPoint and save it as a PDF. Super simple! :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. Thanks! My links didn't seem to work after I saved as a PDF! And I couldn't figure out how to add new links in Adobe :/

  2. Hey I emailed you last time you left me a message with your address...did you ever get it??

    1. Yes, I'm just a slacker! ugh, so sorry! I'll message you back right now!

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