U.S. Regions is done! FINALLY!

 Hey friends!
One more week until spring break here...can't wait!

I'm SUPER excited to share with you my latest unit.
This project has been time-consuming for sure, but I absolutely
LOVE how it turned out.

It all started, when Julie and I were thinking about what unit she would
teach for her big ole' Kansas student teacher project. {not the official name. whatever.}
 Since I hadn't taught about the regions yet and we thought it would
fit the time requirement for the unit {two weeks}
we dove into trying to find resources. 
We looked and looked and weren't coming up with anything that
fit our needs, would be age appropriate, and appealing to the eye. {a.k.a. cute}
Boy, are we demanding, right?!?!
So....I just decided I would create what we needed as we went along.
We knew we wanted to have informational text that our kiddos
would be able to read and enjoy.
Also, pleasing to the eye graphics and fonts were a MUST!
I came up with these for the interactive readers....

 We also needed a pre/post test along with some maps...

We knew we also wanted some crafts/writing included as well!

 {that's my 3 year old modeling the Mardi Gras mask!}

And here are some of the other things that are included...

We ended up spending 2-3 days on each region, but you could
definitely spend more time on each one!
I know that our 4th or 5th grade spends more time on each region,
so this pack would also be a good addition to region resources you
already may use. :)

You can check out this pack HERE in my TpT store.
I hope that it is a valuable resource {over 100 pages!}
for some of you!

I'll give this pack away to the first two people to comment, just
remember to leave your email. :)

Have a great week!

{p.s. I promised a Teaching with Style post this past week, but when I went to get the
pics off my camera, they were all blurry! I guess I'll just have to take more this week!}


  1. I would love it Leanne! I hope I'm one of the first!


  2. Love it!! It's amazing!


  3. It looks amazing! I'm crossing my fingers!


  4. This is phenomenal! Thank you for sharing!



  5. This is a great resource!

  6. opps! my email is: mbreiman63@yahoo.com

  7. Oh my! This is so wonderful! You did a FANTASTIC job!


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  9. Looks great! But, I hate to ask, is Alaska true to size on any of the maps? As an Alaskan teacher, I would love to see the size relatively close, as well as the location. You would not believe how many of my own students here in Juneau think we are a Washington sized island off the coast of Cali!

    Teaching in the Tongass

    1. I tried to make Alaska look large, but had trouble fitting it all in! I will try and make it more accurate, but not sure how to do that and show its exact location without having clipart of Canada too. Do you have anything that is a good example of how this would be done on a U.S. map that you could send me? I would really love to make this work for you better! Please email me or send me a link (if you know of one) where you like how Alaska is show on a U.S. map. :)


    2. Leanne,

      First off, I was so sad to just barely get the email of this post today (almost 24 hours later)... but WOWZERS, this unit looks awesome! Definitely adding it to my wish list :) So in regard to Alaska and putting it in perspective, we have a story in our basal about the iditarod sled race, and found a great picture that was helped the kids to understand how big Alaska really is... here's one that I found on google if that helps at all: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_cyoLt-Kxlao/Sd4oi_xnj4I/AAAAAAAAAe4/XXWFqjrLQEA/s1600/Alaska-Size.png

    3. Yay! Thank you for teaching this to your class!

  10. Wow - just, Wow... I am working on a state one now for my own classroom, and it is taking me FOREVER... I can't image how much work went into this! It looks amazing! :) Def. on my wish list!


  11. That is an awesome resource! I found you through the Kansas Blogger linky and am your newest follower :)

  12. Wow. I am a student teacher and have been struggling planning a lesson on regions. It is a topic with a lot of potential but all the resources are bland and boring and well not very eye catching.

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Everything is easy to read, to the point, and a perfect level for my students in 3rd grade! Thank you so much for putting all of your time into this but even more so for making it available to others. I am so thankful!

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