Teaching wtih Style: Blazers

I've been LOVING these new spring blazers I got from Loft.
So much that I wanted to share with you all so you can run out and
get them yourself!
As I was cleaning my closet about a month ago, I tried on a few old
blazers I had. I'm talking probably 5-6 years old and I haven't worn
them in forever.
They were really outdated and didn't fit that well,
so off to Goodwill they went....and on to Loft I did go!

Pink blazer- get it here
Navy striped blouse- get it here

 Red blazer- get it here
Navy striped blouse- get it here

Tweed blazer- get it here
Tank- get it here

Pink blazer- get it here
Tank- get it here

I love shopping at Loft.... most of the time.
Over the winter, I wasn't that impressed with the styles they had to offer,
but I feel like this spring they are totally redeeming themselves. :)
I went when they were having a 40% off full-price items event,
and bought the red blazer and striped blouse.
They are always having sales, so I rarely pay full-price for anything.
I scored some cash cards at that time {or whatever they call them},
and a few weeks later, I went back to use them and got the black and white tweed blazer
as well as the pink one. I picked up the hot pink tank that same trip.
Since I had the cash cards, I think I paid maybe $100 including tax for
those two blazers and the tank!
Not a bad deal!

Hope y'all are having a great week!

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  1. Great buys! Must do some serious closet weeding...I am guilty of hanging on to things ahat I never wear. Then I feel bad so I wear it and remember instantly why I don't like it

  2. I bought that pink blazer too! It is so comfy to teach in and just adorable. Thank goodness for their teacher discount!!

  3. You look so cute in those pretty blazers!


  4. These are really nice. summer is a great opportunity for wearing more dresses. I am also looking for Wholesale Blazers that are appropriate for work and then I can just wear them to evening events as well. The FC (1st one) is my favorite!