Remember these???

I was all over getting my star stickers for my BOOK IT! pin
and my free personal pan pizzas back in the day.
Those were the days....

Did you know that BOOK IT! is still around?!!
Kids everywhere are still getting their personal pan pizzas
for reading except now there are no pins and star stickers. :(

I've been using their program with my students almost every year I've been teaching
as a reward for reading at home.
Last year, I made my own monthly reading logs for students
to keep track of how many minutes they were reading.
If they were able to complete the reading log, they got their free pizza coupon from me.

These reading logs are super simple and perfect for grades K-3.
For my first graders, I require them to read for 20 min. before they color in
one picture on their reading log. There are 16 pictures on each reading log so I feel
like its reasonable to expect them to read 20 min. at a time, 
16 different times during the month.

I can also custimize more or less minutes required to really differentiate
for some of my students.
I write in the number of minutes and the due date before I make multiple copies.

If you need a simple way to motivate your students to be reading at home
that you can easily customize for your students and grade level,
check out my new monthly reading logs in my store here.
You can also sign up to participate in BOOK IT! here.






  1. Hmm.. maybe that's how I can increase my students to read at home. I teach at a Title I school & my students don't care for reading :/ We have Book It at my school, so we'll see how my kids do working for food ;) Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. omgggggg where was this 4 days ago when I made calendars?!!! LOL! these are cute, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love this idea! My little ones will def want to read with these cute printables. Thanks for sharing.
    Yay for being your newest Blog Lovin follower. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

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