Am I really writing an actual blog post???
Goodness, it's been a long time since I've been able to do this!

But sometimes life happens and I get a good reminder that I really don't have
control over much.
And that's really ok with me because God had proven over and over
to me that his plan is always way better than mine. :)
I'm home today for a much needed stress-free day to prop my feet
up, relax, maybe clean my dirty house a little, hopefully get ahead
on my lesson plans for next week (yes, sadly I had to take a vacation
day to have time to plan...there's something really wrong with that),
and maybe go for a walk on this cool morning.
I know everyone in the midwest has been waiting for a cool down from
the awfully hot last couple of weeks, and today we Kansans got a little break.
I also hope to get a chance to start decorating our house for fall this weekend!
 Today I'm printing some printables made by Laurie from Fresh Picked
{a.k.a my sister}!
You need to go follow her blog right now and see all of her cute printables
and home decor ideas. She got the decorating gene. I certianly did not. :)
{here are all her printables}

Check out these super cute ones for Halloween...

And one of my favorite printables she has made is one she just
put up on her blog last month.
One of my favorite verses that has been sort of my personal motto
for the last year.
Like I said before, God has a way better plan for my life than anything I could
try to plan or orchestrate.
If its supposed to happen, he'll make it happen.


 I think I'm going to frame this one and put it in my kitchen because
it will look great next to my new white cabinets!
I actually did finish painting them this summer even though
I had some serious doubts about my ability to finish them.
Several times during the painting process I was concerned that
I was actually going to lose my mind.
It's just a ton of work and I thought I'd have it done in a couple of days.
Joke was on me.
Then, I realized I wasn't losing my mind and actually going crazy,
just experiencing the wrath of my raging early pregnancy


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