Are you in love with Instagram as much as me?!?!
Here are some of my favorite Instagrams from June...
 {and my lazy way of giving you a recap of the month!}

Do you have a HomeGoods by you? I absolutely love that store!
Such good deals can be found there!
I fell in love with these pillows for my living room and there are more
underneath these in my cart you can't see that I snagged for my bedroom.
You can't beat $15 pillows!

 We are currently updating our deck and I picked up these outdoor lights from Target
the other day and quickly threw them up there.
I need to go back and get another strand to make them go all the way around!

 Oh, the joys of playing games with a 4 year old.
We are making progress in that fact that she didn't quit in the middle
of the game when she wasn't "beating me".
So many lifeskills can be aaddressed when playing Candy Land. Who knew?!

While the hubs is powerwashing the deck, replacing boards, and will be repainting it,
I've been painting our kitchen cabinets.
WHAT a time-consuming project, but I'm a little more than halfway done and I 
know I'm going to be happy with the outcome.
I've been wanting white cabinets for years!
I took this picture of my sister when we first started....back when I was sooooo naive thinking
we'd get the bulk of the work done in two days.

 This pool was awesome! We spent a week at Tablerock lake in Missouri with my
family and this was the pool for the cabins we stayed at.
Complete with a waterslide!
We had the pool all to ourselves our last night there so Lainey was digging it!

Another pic from our lake trip. {which I'll post about later}
This was at a great pizza place in Eureka Springs, MO.
Don't you just love my sister's shirt?!?!
She got it at Madewell, but a few months ago so I couldn't
find it online to link up here. :(

All of these Instagrams are from my personal account
where you can find me @leanneprince

I do have an account for this blog {@mrsprinceandco}
.........but I don't use it very much
because I just don't like the back and forth of signing into one
account and then the other!
So, I may use it more once the school year starts, but probably not.
I won't delete it for now!
Come follow me...........

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