Happy Sunday friends!

So, unless you've been living under a rock, you know Google reader is OUT
and Bloglovin' is IN!

Maybe there are other blog followin' sites that I just don't know about,
but when I switched to Bloglovin' it was super simple and I could easily
transfer all of the blogs I was following into it, and simple is what I'm all about!

Go ahead and sign up for an account with Bloglovin' here or download the app,
which is my favorite way to read blogs on my ipad.
And hurry, because as of tomorrow (July 1), Google reader will self-destruct,
or some nonsense like that. ;)

And make sure you already follow my blog now and import from Google reader
OR if you already have a Bloglovin' account, you can click the pic below or the
button on my sidebar to follow me.

I've sort of changed the the look up around here and still plan on posting
about all things SCHOOL,
but also include more about me, my family, my style, my hobbies, etc...
So, ya don't want to miss out!

Strategies packs in my TpT shop,
so you might want to check it out HERE and buy them both together to get $2.00 off!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Here's a few pictures to leave you with of Lainey at the park
after church today. We've had GORGEOUS weather in the 70's the past few
days here in Kansas!




  1. I don't know how I wasnt following you until now! Your blog is adorable!!

  2. Hi! I was wondering where you got the digital paper for this pack...I am loving it! Thanks!

  3. Siege of MIRK wood is on the way to release. It is supposed to be released digitally this fall.
    LOL Coaching

    blade and soul gold