Just thought I'd share some of my recent favorite pins,
because let's be real...I've been on pinterest a lot lately!

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 I feel like all I've been doing lately is painting! But, I love this door and I really want
to choose a similar color for my front door. Now...will I get it done before
school starts? That is the question!
I really want striped curtains for my bedroom and would love to get
our garage organized too.

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 It's no secret around here...I love to shop and style outfits.
However, that doesn't mean I always look pin-worthy, ha!
I definitely know how to live in flip flops and tee's.
I get most of my outfit ideas for work from pinterest and these are my
latest faves. I could live in dresses with denim jackets.
And I'm loving the camo/green with chartreuse combo.

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I love scrambled eggs and avocado. Two of my favorite things.
But, I've never tried them together...just might have to now!
Loving the monster cookies, too...will have to make this into an
afternoon baking activity.
I've been needing a better way to organize our weekly meals, shopping list, etc...
so it was perfect when my sister made this super stylish menu plan.
You can go download it for FREE on her blog by clicking the pic below!

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 School is definitely on my mind lately and my mental to-do
list before I go back is getting longer and longer.
I'm thinking of organzing my pens, pencils, highlighetrs like this on 
my desk this year.
I love the hand signals for silent communcation and the
white board organization.

Come back next week for more of my favorite pins!

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