The winner!!!

So, yeah. I totally forgot to announce
my winner from this post!

I asked for advice about having a student
teacher and I got some fab advice, so thank you! :)

The winner is...comment #7....from Karyn!

She said,
"The best advice I can offer when you have a student teacher is making sure that she has her own space to work in and really feels like a part of the classroom. If you treat her like a co-teacher (in planning and teaching) right from the start she will quickly develop confidence! I would have her share the teaching in as many lessons as possible before she is completely responsible for the lessons on her own. Ask for her opinions while sharing yours. I'm sure you will both learn so much from each other! :o)"

Thanks so much for the advice Kayrn!
I'll be emailing you my
Handwriting Strategies pack soon!