My Technology Resolutions!

I'm linking up with Kathleen at Growing Kinders
today to share my technology resolutions!
{love this idea of splitting it up into several
days and themes...just the little motivation I needed
to get back to blogging}
I really wish I had more access to technology in my school district.
{Smartboard, ipads, etc..}
However, first I'll list the resources I do have and that
I'm thankful for...
1. Teacher computer- I've heard there are some teachers out
there who don't have one in their own classroom!
2. Student computers- I have 1 desktop and 2 laptops for students,
but I'm giving one of the laptops to my student teacher to use :)
3. Projector- I love having this to use instead of a TV.
4. Computer Lab- We have two 30 min. times per week. Right now
my students have mainly been playing educational games, but I REALLY
want to teach them how to use PowerPoint!!!
5. Document Camera- I LOVE this! This is the first year I've had one
and I use it a ton. I love being able to demonstrate a game or activity
under the camera and everyone can see, instead of in a circle on the floor
all the time.
So, here are my TECHNOLOGY resolutions.....
*Teach my students how to use PowerPoint and have them create
their own presentations {I'm thinking types of sentences/punctuation...}
*Try to keep my classroom website {through the district site} updated.
We'll see...;)
*Find and bookmark new educational sites for my students to go
to during computer lab time.
*Open this baby up and load the software to my computer and then start
creating!!! :)
 Thanks so much Kathleen for hosting this linky party!
Go check out her technology resolutions and her giveaway!! :)


  1. I'm a new follower...found you through the linky! Your blog design is adorable :)

    And I absolutely hear you on your technology frustrations...I don't have a smartboard or ipads (just my own personal I bring on Friday's), and a few of my co-workers don't even have computers in their classrooms :(

    1. I'm so glad you found my little space here! :)

  2. This is the way to engage the student in study with the help of latest gadget like some student prefer to use projector rather than TV. i also sometime get bored to use old gadgets. Now new information technology make the things more awesome.

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