Gettin' Smart

The best professional development I do is
reading my favorite teaching blogs.
Seriously, I haven't been too impressed with the
PD offered in my district in the past few years.
I can honestly say I'm a better teacher because of 
the crazy-talented teachers out there who are so
generous in sharing their ideas through blogging.
The inspiration I get from other teacher bloggers is
something I appreciate so much!
Here are a few products I've purchased from some
amazing teachers that have really helped me
in areas where I was in need of some pointers!
Deanna and Deedee's Writing Through the Year Units

 I've always wanted to be good at teaching writing.
And I always wanted my students to become better writers.
These units have helped me put together the pieces,
understand the different phases of writing, and the
classroom management needed to have a successful
writer's workshop.

Kim Adsit's Reading Workshop Units

Although our reading workshop is pretty much my literacy
center and small group time, the lessons in these units
have fit well into different areas of my reading block.
I didn't purchase her first unit until a few months after school
began, and although it was still very useful for my firsties,
I can see how it will be PERFECT for the beginning of the year
when we haven't dibeled yet and our intervention groups are not
in full swing yet.
I love all of her tips and strategies!!!

My Professional Development Resolutions:

*Attend a conference of my choice. 
Kim A., please come to Kansas City!!!!!

*I really, really, truly hope that there is another teacher blogger
meet-up this summer. Las Vegas looked like so much
fun last year when several bloggers met up there.
That's gotta be professional development, right!?!?!

*Finish reading Debbie Diller's Making the Most of Small Groups.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has to say about professional
development. Then I know I'll have more to add to my list!
Go link up with Amanda here.



  1. I would love to send you my Building S.T.A.R. Readers pack to add another layer to your reading workshop. I am not at my computer until later, but check your in box tomorrow morning. :-)

    Also, it would be an honor if you joined in the Shout Out Linky I am co-hosting beginning Jan. 1
    Growing Firsties

  2. I agree about the bloggy get together!!! It looked like fun!!

  3. I keep looking at Deanna's writing units and wondered if they are appropriate for first. I would love to hear what you think.


    1. I really feel that the writing units are perfect for my kiddos. I work in a low-income school so I needed something that would give clear, basic writing instruction. {and be easy for me!} They include K and 1 CCSS so I really enjoy them. However, I actually started with Unit 2 and didn't do Unit 1. Hope that helps!

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