Free Posters and What I Bought

We studied the five senses a few months ago and I made these posters to use during our unit.
 You can grab them for free in my TpT shop here. :)
Go here to see a FREE five senses activity with popcorn.

So, did you go Cyber Monday shopping!?!
I'm on a total budget this month with Christmas coming and all, but I did pick
up a few monthly staples that I use in my classroom that I just love. 

Reagan's Math Journals have been a great addition to my math workshop
time this year. Even though we are being hounded about how many
copies we make, hashtag paper police, I've prioritized so we can do 2-3
of these per week. I love that in her December set, which I bought during the
cyber sale, many of the activities are half sheets....saving more paper!
The other thing I bought was Christina's December Just Print Fluency Pack.
I mostly use these with my below level small groups, but even
those high achievers like a little nonsense word practice every now and
then. The short partner plays are perfect for my groups, too!

See? I said I was on a budget. I really had to use the reins this time, but
I love looking through Blog Hoppin's linky where bloggers share what
products they bought. I love discovering new stuff and loading up 
my wishlist for the next sale. ;) You can check out the linky here.


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