Calling all TpT Shopaholics! {CYBER MONDAY SALE}

If you're an educator {public, private, or home}
then TpT has probably been a game changer.
It has for me anyway. Not just because I'm a TpT seller but
because I can find quality resources that are meaningful
and engaging and that don't break my wallet.
And I can find them, purchase, and print quickly.
{and I would call myself a TpT shopaholic, ha!}

I am going to go finalize my wishlist today so I am ready
tomorrow morning when I wake up to buy because
there are some products I know I am going to use right away Monday at school!

I'm also super excited to use my holiday unit, A Sticky Note Holiday!
I made this last year and it was the perfect way to practice our reading
strategies while reading our favorite holiday books.

You can check out the rest of my products by clicking on the pic below. Happy shopping! 



1 comment :

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