what I'm working on...

Even though it's summer, my mind doesn't take a break
from all the things I'd like to accomplish before the new school year starts.

I've had a pretty slow year when it comes to creating new products,
but that's ok with me. Being pregnant/sick and then life with
a newborn doesn't leave much time for creating. ;)

Lately, little miss seems to be napping a tad more regularly,
{hope I didn't just jinx myself!}
so I've had a little bit of time to create some things that have been
on my list for a while. 

I'm linking up with Kim today to show you what I'm working on...

These little math books are so fun for my students! I have a few
of them listed individually in my TpT store already, but
am working on a few more to have a bundle of them for sale.
I love them because they are half of a 8.5x11 in. page and easy peasy
to copy and staple on the copy machine, and then quickly cut
in half with a paper cutter. The easiest to prepare, in my opinion!
I'm hoping to get this product finished and listed in the next week.

I love, love, love my monthly binders!!!
I can't say enough good things about organizing this way. 
I did a post on them back in the day here.
As much as I love that design, I'm creating a few more sets for my 
store that coordinate with my teacher planner.
I'm also going to include 1" and 2" labels for the spines
depending on what size binders you use, however I use
2" binders so I can store more inside.
I use these to store SEASONAL things including holiday activities,
monthly poems, monthly morning work, etc....
I still use file cabinets for all my subject specific stuff, but this way
I don't forget those special days/activities each month.
The current month's binder sits on my desk for easy access and the rest
sit on my bookshelf looking pretty!

Here are the new designs...

Hopefully, these will be available in my shop soon, too.
Of course, I'll let you know when they are. ;)

Don't forget to enter my little giveaway I posted about yesterday here!
Just follow me on Pinterest and I'll choose a winner to pick
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I'll announce tomorrow!

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