Five for Friday and the Pinterest Winner

Here's my five for this week...just because.

1. I can't believe it's almost July! I've got lots to do before the new
school year starts. I took advantage of some great sales at Carter's
this week and picked up some clothes for my oldest who starts K this
year. I'm holding these back until school starts...trying to spread he
school shopping out!
These were all clearance items and an extra 25% off.

And couldn't resist picking up a few things for the babe, too.

 2. Summer with these two...it's fun, exhausting, sweet, and
challenging all rolled into one. :)


3. Do you use essential oils? I'm just getting my
feet wet but I like what I'm learning.
I have these oils from Young Living and I've been
experimenting this week. I use Lavendar {it's not in the picture because I keep
it by the changing table} on Brynn before
bed {been doing this for a while} and use a blend 
called Stress Away on myself, and this
week have been using Purification on a bug bite. Worked like a charm!
4. IKEA is coming. So ready.
5. This week I started making a seriously conscious effort in eating
clean. I don't think I've had any processed foods this week and it
feels good. I don't like the thought of all that extra junk in a lot of
foods I was eating on a regular basis AND I'd like to fit into
most of my clothing before I return to work so I don't have to buy a
new wardrobe. Excellent motivation.

I linked up with Kacey and you should, too. :)

And the random number generator declared Brandy as
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Thanks to all my new Pinterest followers!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Love the outfits!! Your girls are cuties!

  2. Your daughters are beautiful! How do you use the lavender oil on your daughter before bed? I might look into that for my son.

    The Purple Teacher

    1. Thank you! I dilute a few drops of lavendar in the baby/body oil from Honest co. and massage into her feet. She loves the massage!

  3. Awww. Your post made me smile! Beautiful! Smiles and stop anytime!

  4. I adore Carter's clothing!! I have that exact same five-pack of onesies for my little girl. So cute for the summer! :)

    First Grade Garden

    1. I do too! I'm sad my oldest will be outgrowing their sizes soon! :(

  5. Those outfits are gorgeous, what a lucky little girl :)
    I wish we had an IKEA close, our nearest one is 4.5 hours away, sigh. My bank account is thankful though lol.

    Oh the Little Wonders