Finally.....a Five for Friday post

It's been quite a while since I participated in this linky and I always
love reading about my fellow bloggers' top five of the week,
so here's my recap.....

1. Ummmm...I'm officially on maternity leave! Our second daughter
was born March 4 and we couldn't be any happier. :)
I'm planning on doing a separate post on her birth and to
share newborn pics so I'll leave you in suspense about her name, ha!
Here she is with her big sister.

2. I loved using my March Fluency Pack last year with my 1st
graders, and left it with my sub this year too. It includes sight words, phrases,
poems, and passages that students can use as well as recording sheets to keep
track of words/phrases they missed and how many times them practiced.
Check it out here!

3. Comfy clothes. My wardrobe has been all about comfort
since coming home from the hospital. And it
helps to feel comfy and CUTE! Here are a few items I picked
 up lately that I'm loving...

Got these striped capris from Athleta here with a gift card
from my birthday last month. They are super soft and will be
perfect for workouts too.

This hoodie is also really soft and from Old Navy. Check it out here.
I picked up another
hoodie in a pretty mint color but I don't see it on their website yet.

4. March Madness! Love this time of year and all of the
basketball excitement. Rock Chalk!

5. Warmer weather! I've been able to wear flip flops a few days this week
and that just makes me very happy!

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  1. Congrats! She is so precious and cute! I can't wait to have one of my own someday. Will you be on maternity leave the rest of the year?! I love your March fluency packet, my students had a ball last year with the stories and poems. Hope you and the girls have been enjoying this nice Kansas weather!

  2. Love the KU outfit! Too cute! Rock Calk!


  3. Rock Chalk!!!! She's adorable!