a teacher's baby shower

Since this is my second baby and another girl,
I saw no reason to have another baby shower.
However, some of my friends thought otherwise, and didn't take my
answer of "no" seriously. :)
One reason they wouldn't take no for an answer is they are just really great friends.
And, in our little group, we like to celebrate each new
addition whether it's your 3rd boy in a row or 2nd little girl.
So I should have known that my party planning extroidinare friend
would definitely not let this opportunity go by. ;)
We decided on a date and also that the men would join us
so we could all just hang out.

My friend, Chelsea, the expert party planner, came up with the
theme of a chidren's book shower.
I thought it was perfect since I didn't want a bunch of gifts, but
every baby needs a book collection!
She ran with the idea especially since I'm a teacher. :)
Check out the library card invites...too cute!

And the snack and dessert table was just amazing....

Chelsea is the master at all the little details....

My little one got several great books, too. :)

Go read more about my shower on Chelsea's blog here!
You could spend a while over there looking at all
of her amazing parties!

{all photos courtesy of Chelsea Hatfield}

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  1. How adorable baby shower! These photographs are just heart throbbing. These colors that had been used for this party decoration are just perfect. Loved everything about it! I am also going to host baby shower for my friend at some local venues in Los Angeles and would like to use this theme for her party.