I got tagged...and a thank you!

Happy Easter!

Wishing I had tomorrow off too, but nope, its
back to school I go!

Thank you to Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad
for giving me the One Lovely Blog award and
Sarah from Squirrel-Bottom Diaries for the Top 10 award. :)
You ladies rock!

Miss Kelley tagged me last week and I'm FINALLY getting
to answer her questions so here we go...

1. If you could travel to any place where would you go?
Anywhere with a beach!!! Maybe Mexico since I've never been

2. What current fashion trend are you loving right now?
Colored jeans. LOVING my new pair of coral jeans :)

3. What current education trend are you currently loving right now?
Ummm...blogging! It's pretty much an idea-overload and its awesome!

4. What is your go to food or snack?
I love those Atkins milk chocolate shakes. Great source of
protein and does the job of a mid-morning snack at school
and keeps me full until lunch! I can also often be spotted
with string cheese. :)

5. Are you a flats or heels girl?
I'm 5' 10" so I'm definitely a flats girl. I do own some heels but just
don't wear them that much because I'm already at the height I want
to be!

6. If you could change anything about yourself what would you change?
I would love to have a better short-term memory. Seriously. It's like
someone comes and takes it away from you forever when you have
a child.

7. What is your favorite sport to watch or play?
College basketball.

8. What are you looking forward to doing this summer?
Being home with my daughter. Hopefully organizing my house.
It is seriously driving me insane!

9. What is your favorite piece of technology?

10. What is the best movie you have seen recently?
Hunger Games!

That was fun, Kelley!

Ok, I'm seriously horrible at these tag things. 
So I want to tag
all my readers! Answer this question in the comments or blog
about it and share the link below!

I'd love to find some new shows to watch...so tell me
what is your favorite TV shows?!?!?

I've got a couple favorites:
Guiliana and Bill
Bethenny Ever After
Duck Dynasty (my husband is an avid hunter, and this show
is HILARIOUS. seriously.)



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