a couple of questions!

Like many of my fellow blogging teachers,
I read two AMAZING books
this summer.

Actually, I just finished the second one last night!

I can't even tell you how many lightbulbs
went on for me as I devoured every word.
Maybe I'm slow to discover these little gems
but its better late than never...

So, my question is how do I use what I've
learned from these books and incorporate
into a basal reading program???

One way I think I can defintely incoporate some of this
would be the "Read to Self" component into what I used
to call DEAR {Drop Everything And Read} time.

I was frustrated with DEAR last year because I wanted
my students to be held more accountable for what
they were reading during free reading time.

I had several students who would pick the SAME book
everyday from the classroom library and stare at it
the. entire. time.

Even though we had the rule that once you picked a book 
and a spot around the room to read,
you did NOT get up because this time was only
for silent reading, I still had the 
kiddos that would get up and start walking towards me.
I'd see them out of the corner of my eye
and just wave them to go back and sit down.
The same kids every day.
I'm mean, I know;)

I'm also planning to incorporate picking "just right"
books and hopefully having a book box
for each student.

I know that once the year starts and I'm
using our reading program {Open Court}
I may realize I can incorporate more
of Daily 5/CAFE,
but I'd appreciate any tips you have before 
the year starts!

Another random question I had was about hanging chart paper.
I don't have one of those fancy, schmancy primary easels...so
where should I hang my paper? 
Use hooks on the whiteboard?
Seems like a hassle to take the tablet off the clips, turn over
to a new page, and hang back up, doesn't it?!?!
Maybe not...but I need some IDEAS please!



  1. Hi!! Just stumbled across your blog! I teach 2nd grade in Oklahoma, and I too just found Cafe and Daily 5 over the summer and LOVE them both! It has been very different for me so far because I am used to using the basal as well!

    One of my friends had a copy of Daily 5 for Dummies, and it basically breaks it down into what you can/should do on Day 1, Day 2, and so on (it incorporates Cafe lessons!) I have been following that and it's helped a LOT! (Let me know if you want a copy-just leave your email address as a comment on my blog.)

    ANYWAY, right now, my daily 5/cafe block is from 9:30ish or so until 11:30, although right now it is not taking that whole amount of time since we are building stamina and whatnot. I have been able to pull in a few lessons from my basal, but I have also been doing a lot of my own word work activities. I think that once Daily 5 really gets up and running in a few weeks, I will be able to teach some lessons from my basal. I do love the Cafe strategies, though!

    In the afternoons for about an hour, I have been using the basal to help integrate science and social studies... So basically my afternoons are my "theme" with the basal thrown in as I see fit :)

    I hope that made sense! (Clear as mud?!) But let me know if you want the Daily 5 for dummies-it has helped me a LOT for my first year of implementation!!!

    Hope to hear from ya-feel free to follow my blog :)

  2. Hey Lauren. Just ran across your comment on daily 5 because after spending all year reading about Daily 5, I'm going to try and start it next year with the new common core standards. Our district doesn't have any of the books I've read about and I didn't realize the Daily 5for dummies broke it down for those of us that need guidance! I've also expressed my interest to my principal and she wants me to do a workshop at the beginning of the year! So if you have anything you could share with me that would be sooo great! I've saved a lot of the stuff I've found on my computer, but it is all so overwhelming! I really could something for dummies! I feel so behind! It seems that EVERYONE has jumped on this wagon...and I want on! Please consider sharing your best practices and any advice to get started! Thanks so much! Patricia Kidd

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