Advice for Newbies!

Today over at Blog Hoppin',
we are all giving some advice to 
new teachers.

I think one of the HARDEST
things to do as a teacher is find
balance between school and home.
Because, let's face it, a teacher's
to do list is never done!

Before I had my daughter, I could
stay late most days if I wanted
or needed too, but then that all
changed when she was born!

There are still days when I need
to stay past 3:30, 
{like every day the first week of school!}
but I try to not let it become too frequent
because school is not the only thing going 
on in my life!
I figure since the things I want to get done
or accomplish in my classroom will
never get completely finished, I need to 
accept that and be OK with it!
I will never get every Pinterest DIY project for
my classroom done, so why beat
myself up about it?!?

Overall, finding balance has been pretty easy
for me. But, I know some struggle with it 
more than others.
So, if you are a new teacher, don't worry
about making everything perfect!
It's important to do a good job but
don't feel guilty if you leave school
to go enjoy a beautiful afternoon!


  1. Hi Leanne, I may not be a new teacher (far from it,haha), but your advice is good for all of us! Balance is so important; it's so easy to get caught up in perfectionist ways-I'm guilty at times. Thanks for the reminder.

    Primary Practice

  2. I totally agree with your advice! It is so important to not let teaching take over your advice. I get to school early, but leave the minute we're allowed to go home. I'm much happier (and a better teacher!) when I have some me time!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  3. I totally needed to read this. I have become addicted to blog land-thanks to my pod teacher mate! But I think it was a "God-thing" for me to come across your blog for the first time and see this post. As I am currently struggling with this very issue. It has been harder for me this year than any other-don't know why??

    I just wanted to thank you for honesty and words of truth in this blog.

  4. You all are too sweet! Thanks for stopping by and reading:)

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