How I Progress Monitor for Math...

I thought I'd share a little bit about how I progress monitor for math
in my classroom. It's really nothing too complicated and my district
provides us with a program to do our math progress monitoring.
However, I found that I needed some "practice" tests for these
progress monitoring tests.
Not that we want to only teach these tests, but students needs
practice seeing and experiencing these quick, timed tests.
I also would have parents asking for extra copies to practice
at home with, but I couldn't send home the program the district used.
I also wanted to progress monitor some of my kids more than every other week,
so I just simply needed more tests to use.

Last year I made a set of Number Identification and Quantity Discrimination,
but never got around to making the Missing Number set.
These three kinds of data are typical for Kindergarten and 1st grade and are used to
screen for missing skills in math.

I finally made the Missing Number set and updated the look on the other two
as well. Now that I have all three made, I also bundled them to save you some money
if you are interested in purchasing all three.

Like I said before, I like to progress monitor my struggling learners every week
during math workshop, just to get more data!
So I use my district's program every other week, and my pages
in between those weeks as "practice".

I keep all of my copies that I will need in a file crate near my small group table.
This way, I can progress monitor whenever I get a free second, but usually during
math workshop on Fridays.
Each type of test has it's own file folder and I paper clip together the copies
of each version of that test.
{In each product, there are 20 probes for #'s 0-10 and 20 probes for #'s 0-20}

I also keep my reading progress monitoring materials in this same tub
to keep it all together!

It's pretty simple but just thought I would share how I do it!
Check out my math progress monitoing products by clicking on any of the pics






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