HOLIDAY sticky note pack and the SALE!

Wow! The past five days have flown by...where did my break go?!?!

I did manage to barely complete a project I had been working on just
in time for the big Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale.

It's no secret that I love using sticky notes in the classroom, so naturally I wanted
to create a product I could use with all of my favorite holiday books!
We have just under 3 weeks until winter break, so I'm starting off tomorrow reading
one of my favorites, The Legend of the Poinsettia, so I can fit them all in.
Of course, I also had to stock up on holiday colored sticky notes!


I'm so stinkin' excited to use these with my 1st graders! They just love
using sticky notes and I usually get greater quality of work when we use them. :)

You can grab yourself a copy here!

My store will be 20% off and use the code CYBER to get an additional 8% off
your purchases Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some of my products you may be interested in...







I'm going to finalize my wishlist now!
Click the button below to head to my store.


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