it's been a while...

Time for an instareview!
Actually, some of these didn't make it to instragram,
but I'm going to share anyway. :)

Our first and last Royals game of the year. Too bad they lost. We had fun anyway
with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Caleb.

Date night pit stop at bass pro to get his hunting tags.
Very, very important. ;)

A little fancier date night to celebrate my hubby's birthday!
I was surprised I stayed up past 1:00am especially since I'd been averaging 8:00pm.
Thank goodness for 2nd trimester energy!

Killing time on our pumpkin patch fieldtrip!

Lainey and Grandma at the pumpkin patch!

Always exciting for us Jayhawks when basketball season rolls around.

Our sweet little cupcake!

The cupcake and Uncle Tommy

Family of three this Halloween. :)

My teammates and I were rock, paper, scissors. Scissors got a little feisty!

My first bump photo. I just can't get into taking one each week.
I'll shoot for once a month!

Some of my students' pumpkin book reports. I thought they turned out great!

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