The last few months have flown by. Like most of you,
we've been pretty busy with the holidays, work, and keeping up
with our kiddos. These pictures remind me just how blessed we
are and even though it can be stressful at times, it sure is fun.

I don't ever wish my kids to be sick, but extra days at home with them are something I cherish.

One of her favorite things to do each Christmas.

Before heading to grandma's, she had to sprinkle the reindeer food she made at school. :)


This little pink car has been the best money we've ever spent on a toy. Ever.

This one is now mobile. She started crawling, cruising, and walking with her toy stroller all in the same month.

Sometimes you just need to allow yourself to be creative and Lainey is the perfect sidekick for that.

Wearing my old paint shirt made for me by my mom.

That one day it was 70 degrees in January. So we had to break out the neon leggings.

An old lunch spot my grandparents used to take me to.


I had a strong desire to give this blog a fresh look. I'm excited for the direction
of this blog and the possibilities that may hold. This blog started out solely as a place
to share my teaching ideas but over time has grown to include snippets
of my family life and other creative endeavors. I don't plan on changing
the content but just adding to it!

I am so happy with the new look and highly recommend using Bella Lulu Ink. I love
her designs and the customer service is top notch! Check out the website here.


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