Saving my Sanity with SitSpots! {giveaway}

I love having assigned seating for our classroom meeting area.
It saves SO much time.
When I haven't had assigned seating on the floor,
I literally wanted to pull my hair out because I was constantly repeating myself.
"Don't sit there."
"You're too close to your neighbor."
"I thought I asked you two to not sit next to each other anymore?"
And so on and so on.
Kids need consistent expectations and I highly recommend having
assigned seating spots in your floor meeting area.
{it's also perfect for having partners to turn and talk, lean and share, etc.}
I've never been lucky enough to have a classroom rug, especially one with
spots for each student. I've always longed for a one just for this purpose!
But, they are not cheap and I wasn't going to pay for one myself. 
So in order to give my students assigned spots, I've tried many different things.

One thing I used was duct tape to make a grid like the rug pictured above.
The tape got filthy looking fast and it left residue when I pulled it up.

So, I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered SitSpots!
They are Velcro spots that you can attach to your
classroom carpet to create a seating arrangment, spots to line up, or
whatever you might need.
You can easily pull them up and move them around to meet your class'
changing needs and I absolutley love them!
They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, too.
It took me 5 minutes to lay mine out the way I wanted and velcro them
to the carpet. My students know exactly where to sit and I'm not going
crazy over this procedure anymore!
I will say that sometimes kiddos can be tempted to play with them or pull them up
a little bit to make that fun velcro sound.
I set the expectation right from the beginning that this is very distracting and absolutley
not ok. I tell them their pockets go on their spot, so their little hands can't get
a hold of them. ;)
I am so happy with my SitSpots and the best thing is that they will
last me several years, where before I was purchasing duct tape
over and over again.
If you'd like to try SitSpots, you can request a sample to make
sure they will work with your classroom carpet before you buy.
{they do not work with all carpet!}
I love that SitSpots were created by a teacher and they are generously
giving away a $50 gift certificate to one reader.
All you need to do is enter using the rafflecopter below and
the winner will be announced Wednesday evening!

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