things my five year old says

*"I'm not afraid of bugs anymore. I taught them all how to be nice."

*After getting a tall ice water from Starbucks, "I wish they would have
written MY name on MY drink, momma."

So we did when we got home. :)

*"Mom, it really is not that expensive to stay at Disney World. They told me that on TV!"

*Lainey- "Ummm, yeah!" {replying in a sassy when I asked her a question}
Me- "Where did you learn to talk like that?"
Lainey- "Uhhh, Camp Rock 2!"
 Annnnnnd, too much Netflix on the ipad.

*At the end of her prayer one night, "...and thank you for being the best Jesus ever."   :)


I've been trying to write down funny things she says so we can remember
and share these with her when she gets older.
And by "write down" I mean type them in the notes app on my iphone. :)


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