Brynn's Newborn Pictures

I don't think I'll ever get bored looking at these pictures of Brynn.
My sister, Laurie, took these at 2 weeks and they turned out fabulous.
I sure am lucky to have such a talented sister...I mean she's practically
a doctor by day and my personal photographer by night. ;)

Guess who turned five yesterday???
Yep, my first baby.
Unbelievable how fast that one is growing up
and now the second is within days of being a month old already.
Going to cherish each moment. :)


  1. Beautiful Leanne and Laurie! I love that she's wearing the headband I gave her! :)

  2. Beautiful little family! Congrats!! :)

  3. These are the best pictures of kids that I ever seen! Laurie is an awesome photographer. Does she photograph still life too? We need pictures for our dissertation writing services reviews posts.

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