My sale purchases, water cycle, and regions!

I'm back finally to share my big TpT sale purchases!

I really could go on and on with how satisfied I am with each
one, and I haven't even used them all yet, but they are some of
my favorites already.

All About Book from Susan Moran

The Busy Teacher's Best Friend February Edition by Katie King

American Heroes Common Core Informational Reading and More by Teacher to the Core

Writing Through the Year Unit 4 by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills

Main Idea, Predictions, & Inferences Oh My! by Tracy Tegeler

So, besides loving all of my new products, I've slowly been handing over
the teaching duties to my student teacher, Julie.
Let me just tell you, she is fabulous!
Here she is in action....

She shared this great idea with me about teaching about the water cycle.
First, we used Cara's freebie that she shared here
to make our water cycle diagram.

Then, Julie drew a little raindrop friend name "Droppy" and we put
some velcro on him and also near the different steps on our diagram.

She taught a lesson on the water cycle and then we kept this up near
the calendar, and the kids let us know when the weather changes and that Droppy
should be moved to a different stage of the water cycle.
They totally ate it up and are thinking about the weather and water cycle

And before I go...here's something I'm working on that I thought I'd
give you a little glimpse of....

 Does anyone else have to teach about the regions?!?
I wasn't finding anything that I thought would work for my
firsties, so I'm just creating what I need!
I hope it will be a valuable resource to others when I'm done.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway that Jen and I are hosting.
You could win every product from our stores!
It ends soon, so go HERE to enter! :)



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  2. I am excited to see your regions pack! We are learning about Geography in April/May, so this would be perfect! Also, I was thinking about getting the Main Idea, Prediction, and Inferences pack. What are your thoughts on it?


    1. I really like the pack by Tracy! There are several stories in it with comprehension questions that focus on the strategies. I'll be using it with my kiddos that are just a little below on their fluency in small group and then my high kiddos will do it independently in a center!

  3. I have almost all those packs! haha! Except for the main idea one from tracy - and don't have the heroes one (though I like her stuff!)....lol... I can't get enough of katie's stuff either :)
    can't wait to see your regions pack :)
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  4. Ohh I love the product you're coming up with! I love social studies and anything that has to do with it so I cannot wait for you to create the regions pack!! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  5. You got some great stuff!!! Thank you for getting my American Heroes pack! Yay!

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