MLK Mobile {freebie}

If you need another activity for studying Martin Luther King, Jr.,
then you're in luck!
I actually shared this last year, but thought I would mention
it again.

I'm actually doing this with my students tomorrow,
but today my student teacher, Julie, and I were preparing it
so I snapped a few pics. :)

Here is a chart Julie whipped up in no time after I told
her I wanted something to brainstorm ideas for our
different dreams.

 And here is our example of the mobile ready to go!

We copied the clouds on colored printer paper...but then decided to
glue on white construction paper to make it more durable,
since it will be my example year after year.
I would recommend copying on construction paper for your students.

Click on the pic below to download your free copy!

Now I'm off to watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars!
Anyone else watch it???
My husband reminds me all the time about how its such
a "high school girl" show!
I don't care though....I love the suspense! :)


  1. Very cute!!! I am totally with you on watching Pretty Little Liars!! You are the last person I am commenting on so I can go back and watch what I have recorded....my little secret is the hubby likes it to! Don't tell anyone! ;)

  2. Love these!! I did something similar a couple years ago, but I love how neat yours looks!! And of course the font is adorable as well!

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