Word Family goodies!

 What a month that was!
I'm still a little tired, but not as exhausted as I was
the first two weeks of school.
I'd kind of forgotten how different 1st graders are
at the beginning of the year compared to 2nd graders.
{did my student teaching in 1st}
Waaayyyy different, but I love it!

I'm hoping this is the end of my blogging dry spell.
Even though I wasn't writing much, I did keep up with
my blog reading.
Can't let that get away from me, can I? :)

I've been finding that kinder blogs have become VERY useful
to me lately. It's the perfect glimpse into where my kiddos
were last year and so many fabulous ideas to help
me rethink and simplify routines, procedures, directions, and such
for my first graders.
I'm working my way through Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten's past posts
and all I can say is WOW!
So much inspiration!

I wanted to share my latest products with you guys.
I was inspired by a word family bulletin board set
from the teacher store that I've had my eye on for quite some time.
But it's a whoppin' $20!
Seriously!?! It's just cardstock people!
{Sometimes I can be kind of cheap when it comes to certain
things. Think Father of the Bride.}

So I decided to make my own since I could definitely
use these now that I'm in first grade.

 The file includes 22 different word family posters.
They are legal size {8.5 by 14"} so there is plenty
of room to brainstorm words with your students
and write them on the posters!
{I laminated mine and will use dry-erase markers
so I can use them year after year}

The 22 word families included are:
-ice, -og, -ish, -ing, -ox, -ar, -all, -an, -oat, -ip, -ap, -at, -ig, -ay, 
-en, -eep, -uck, -oy, -un, -ail, -ell, -ag
I'm sure I will get requests to add more families to this pack,
however I won't be adding more right away...probably when
I get several requests and have the time to find clipart and update them!
{If you purchase this file, you can download it again for free
when I add more for!}

You can purchase the word family posters here.

I couldn't stop at just posters, because I LOVE it
when things coordinate, soooooo I made three additional
resources to go along with the posters!

 The file includes two different sizes of student
books to choose from.

 Or full-page...

My students will record words for each family after we write our list together
on the poster.
Then, they'll have this resource in their desk to use when writing.
Purchase here.

Word Hunts

A word hunt for each family is included and I'll be using
these for whole group activity at first.
I don't have a smart board {I wish I did!},
but I still make this an interactive whole group activity.
I can scan and project it onto my overhead screen and use
my wireless slate where the kids can take turns using the digital highlighter
to find the word family words.
OR, I just had a document camera installed so I can use that
to project it and use the wireless slate.
These are great for independent practice as well. :)
Purchase here.

Draw and Write Foldables

 These are little foldable books for each family where 
students can choose three words from the family to write
and illustrate. Great for literacy centers!
Purchase here.

I can't wait to start implementing these into my
reading block and literacy centers!

The first 3 people to comment will get a FREE
copy of the posters!!!
{don't forget to leave your email}



  1. I would love these! aconnolly1216@gmail.com

  2. Lots of great stuff! Wow!


  3. Looks great! These would be super helpful for my firsties as well! :)


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! How are you guys doing?!? Hope you are enjoying your new students!

    2. We are! They are a chatty, sparkly group that is going to keep us on our toes, but laughing this year!! How is first going?

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