randomness :)

Today I'm linking up with the fabulous Amy over at
Don't you just love her blog?!?
So here's some random facts about me...
1. I could eat Mexican food every day. Seriously.
Put some queso on it and I'm good. :)

2. My sister's pin says it all...

 3. I'm tall. 5' 10" to be exact.
When I was younger I didn't exactly enjoy it
but now I do!

4. I was in a Miss Teen Kansas pageant.
I really can't believe I'm going to share this pic
but here goes...
 It was my first and ONLY pageant and I got 1st runner-up.
Not too shabby if I do say so myself!
This was right after high school, and although I enjoyed
the experience and gained a lot of confidence from participating,
it wasn't really my thing.
I'm not really the "pageant" type. ;)

5. I have a crafty bone.
 I like to create personalized baby gifts for friends and
even used to have my own Etsy shop.
But it was a lot of work to keep up with and I decided
to focus more on other creative things...like this blog!

6. Some of my favorite movies to randomly quote...
What About Bob

The Burbs

Christmas Vacation

Father of the Bride

7.  One of my favorite quotes...

8. The hubs and I just got back from eating our way
through Chicago with friends. Here's my new favorite

I may or may not have been trying to stalk
Giuliana Rancic...ha! :)

There's some randomness about me!
Go link and up share yours!




  1. doesn't surprise me a bit to learn that tidbit about being a miss teen kansas pageant contestant because you are beautiful!

  2. I live in Chicago and LOVE RPM!! So fun! Hope you had a good time in the Chi :)

    Ms. Alley's Class

  3. What About Bob is one of my favorites too!

  4. Just found your blog and I have to say.. I was quite delighted to see Giuliana Rancic's name! :) Would love to go to RPM!


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